How to Speed Up Your Mac

Speed up Mac

Many people believe that only Windows machines slow down over time. However, Macs are equally as guilty. While your Mac started out as a beautiful, fast Apple box, it will gradually collect files and corrupted data that will bring its performance to a halt. In time, you will watch that spinning beach ball for hours before anything happens on your machine. This can happen overnight as well, and you will need a way to speed up your Mac when it happens. 

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Why Invest into a Gold Solo 401K?


Gold 401s retirement accounts let you invest your retirement saving into gold and other precious metals. People began minting gold coins in 500 BC, and they hold their high values longer than other investment opportunities, making them an excellent choice for your retirement portfolio or whenever you need them. However, not everyone can put their money in them, but, if you can, you should consider investing your 401k into a gold solo 401k.

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