Space Tourism to Mars Begins in 2018


Space is the place. Since I was young, I have always wanted to visit another world. Every science fiction show I watched as a kid only furthered my obsession. As this was before the coming of the World Wide Web, all I could was dream. But today’s kids can do much more than that. With SpaceX planning to send stuff to Mars in 2 years and the whole space tourism business taking off, someone living today will set foot on the Red Planet before they die.

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Three Jetpacks for Sale You Can Buy Now


As a science fiction fan all my life, I have always wanted to fly. Ever since I was young, I dreamed about owning a jetpack, or rocket pack, to fly myself around town, from home to work/school, and everywhere in between, and I don’t believe I am alone. From science fiction to the finest action film, Hollywood has captivated us with this glorious piece of personal transportation technology. Fortunately, rocket packs are real. Unfortunately, most of them are custom-built props and show pieces for stunts and other demonstrations. However, this is changing, and we already have three commercially-available models on sale right now with more on the way.

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