Sherwood Episode 1 Endearing Despite Its Flaws

Sherwood The Future Robin Hood

Sherwood is an interesting take on the Robin Hood myth. While not for everyone, the YouTube original series has potential. It is not without issues though, but the first episode (The Future Robin Hood) is decent enough.

Sherwood from YouTube Originals

Recently, I decided to choose an entertainment streaming site. So, instead of going with Netflix like most people, I decided to upgrade my YouTube membership to premium. On the surface, this seems like a waste of many because ad blockers exist, but YouTube Premium does give you access to many original series such as Sherwood.

The animated web series takes place 250 years in the future after global warming floods the world. The survivors created a new city, called Sherwood, in an attempt to rebuild society.

Our heroine starts as a thief, living outside the boundaries of Sherwood. After each heist, her team escapes from the city with some strange security robot squids chasing after them.

The Sherwood Opening and Ending Song

The theme song is generic but works for the series. It is a catchy tune though. I see it growing on me. The opening sequence is just a short panning shot of the city. It starts deep underwater and moves to the surface before showing the heroine and the title card. It begins with the end of the cold start giving the heroine her name (Robin Hood) but is otherwise not noteworthy.

The Future Robin Hood

Episode 1 doesn’t do much. It is just the introduction to the characters and nothing more.

After the squid bots capture Robin’s aunt, we meet of main villains. The leader of Sherwood (Sheriff Nottingham) looks like a Stalin-wannabe. He has a goatee and a very elongated head. He also wears a long coat that screams “Big Bad”. This show is not subtle.

The other main villain (Gisbourne) is some guy that looks like Anakin Skywalker. Sith vibes abound as we get the plot for the episode: Robin must free her aunt or turn herself in for her life.

Getting back to Robin, she wakes up after being tossed out to sea, saved by her old raiding party from before. While the guys don’t know Robin, it is clear that they are Miss Hood’s merry men. On board their submarine, Robin finds a weird trinket. Seems the guys stole the Infinity Gauntlet which melds into Robin’s hands as soon as she grabbed it. I guess she’s a female Ben 10.

The rest of the episode goes as expected. The dialogue is stiff and overly corning at times, but I can easily see what they were trying to do with each and every scene. The pacing seems off as well. The guys trust Robin almost immediately.

A Good Start, Better than Expected

Overall, I like the episode and series so far. It is a quirky take on the legend that feels different. Other than the names, it is barely a Robin Hood story. Instead, it is its own thing. I will stick around to see where it goes from here.

If you have YouTube Premium check it out. I’m enjoying this future Robin Hood story. Very few series are enduring enough to keep me interested, especially for a web series. But Sherwood does this. The last time L felt this good about an intro episode was when I discovered RWBY four years ago. I don’t regret my decision back then, and I don’t see me doing it right now. Hopefully, Sherwood will improve the way RWBY did.

Until my next Sherwood review, you can read my other posts on this blog.

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