Five Math Mobile Apps for Your Child

Mobile Apps for Children

Your child spends a lot of time on his or her mobile device. Regardless of what you may think of this, you can use that time to help your child learn math. You can find several great apps that can turn your child’s screen time into a fun and educational experience. You will find apps that will teach counting, fractions, math facts, and other topics that will help your child with his or her school work. Some even meet Common Core State Standards.  

Math Training for Kids 

Math Training (Free; Android; Ages 3 and up) offers three different difficulty levels to help your child learn basic foundation concepts such as adding, subtracting, multiplication, and division.  

Kids Math 

Kids Math (Free; Android; Ages 3 to 5) provides your child eight timed challenging levels. Each 30-second level offers 10 dynamically-generated questions on various topics from the basic fundamentals to fractions to number order. Your child gets rewards with 4 additional seconds with each correct answer. 

Preschool Math Games for Kids 

Perfect for younger children, Preschool Math Games (Free; Android; Ages 2 to 8) teaches how to count, trace, and read numbers/ Your child will find fun and interactive challenges that test math skills up to a third-grade level.  

Counting Caterpillar 

Your kindergartner can get an early advantage in school if you give him or her this counting app (iPhone, iPad; Ages 4 to 5; $1.99). It provides Stunning and vividly colored caterpillars and butterflies to go with each lesson. The app engages your child through all 45 levels by letting your child feed the caterpillars with each correct answer. By successfully completing each level, your child gets a virtual pet butterfly he or she can view in the gallery.  

Peter Pig’s Money Coin Counter 

Peter Pig’s Coin Counter (Free; Android; Ages 4 to 7) introduces your child to basic math and economic concepts. Developed by Visa, the app helps your child learn how to sort, count, and understand the values of U. S. coins. Your child also gets virtual money he or she can store in a virtual piggy bank that communications with your child with a child’s voice.  

While these are not the only apps for kids out there, they are among the most popular. They also help your child learn math when he or she has nothing else to do. These fun and educational app let your child have their mobile devices with the ease of knowing that he or she will learn something as they play.  

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