A Great Michael Jordan Biography. A Must have for a Jordan Fan.

Michael Jordan

This is a good biography on Michael Jordan’s life. It presents a historical account on the major events that made Jordan who he was and is, starting with his primary school days and home life.  

Michael Jordan Biography Describes His Life

The book’s first third splits Jordan’s life into chapters. Each chapter goes into detail on every that happens to Jordan during that time as well the things he accomplished. Each chapter even goes through Jordan’s failures and how he overcame them.  

The second delves into Jordan’s thoughts on the game of basketball. Jordan’s personal view on life was “work tirelessly and prove everyone who doesn’t believe in wrong”, and the book goes deep in to how this idea works in all areas of life. This section of the book covers Jordan’s techniques, his workout, and everything in between. In the end, you will feel like you know Jordan yourself. The biography goes that deep into Jordan’s life and personality. It even gives us details on his fears and superstitions.  

At the end, James gives us a snapshot of Jordan’s post career life and legacy. It even goes into the background of the Air Jordan brand and the business deals that went into it.  

Great Book for Jordan Fans

It is the definite guide to all things Michael Jordan, complete with links to highlight videos that give life to the text on the pages. Any Jordan fan should pick it up for their collection. I learned a lot from it. Everyone wants to be like Mike, and this book shows you how.  

My only issue with the book is that the auther often devolves into a stream of consciousness and tangents. This can make the book difficult to read and understand at times, Still, it did get its message across, as well as the author’s love of Jordan.  

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