What is Cloud Computing Architecture?

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is largely based on the efficient and effect implementation of its architecture. This cloud computing architecture is independent of the applications and other end uses. It is an intricate interaction between the clusters of computer hardware sitting under the hood. However, the applications and hardware need to work together seamlessly for the whole thing to work. You should never notice the cloud computing architecture doing its job.  

If the cloud computing architecture software fails, the hardware will have nothing to do. On the other hand, if the hardware fails, you have no cloud computer. Cloud computing providers need to be vigilant and fix errors immediately as they happen. On top of that, the software applications need to be designed specifically for use in cloud computing architecture to remain as fast as possible while assuring that nothing goes wrong. 

It All Starts in Data Centers 

Cloud computing architecture starts in the data center. Data centers house the banks of computer hardware that form the heart of cloud computing. However, cloud computing data centers are not your typical data processing center. These place store several different computers with several different storage capacities and processing power. Designed to work together, these computers are linked together in a highly controlled environment constantly checked for any physical problem. These data centers form the backbone for the cloud computing architecture we use every day. For security reasons, their locations are always kept top secret to avoid hacking and other security threats. If all goes right, you will never have to notice the data center cloud computing architecture working for you. 

Cloud Computing Architecture Software  

While the data centers are the backbone, the software applications are the brain. Cloud computing architecture software does all the client data processing and implementations. With the help of the data centers underneath, these applications work fast or at least as fast has the underlying hardware can handle. Cloud software does not only use the hardware to process data, but for storage as well. This assures that data gathering is as fast as the data processing. These applications handle tons of requests coming in from various clients all over the world. Because of this, cloud applications use metadata processing to give each client their own personal process implementation of the software in the cloud computers memory. If properly written, you will never notice any threshold limits in the cloud software you use.  

The UNIX Philosophy 

UNIX philosophy is the final component of cloud computing architecture. It is a set of rules and principles developed along with the UNIX class of operating systems. The philosophy shows how developers should make their software so that it just works and installs easy.  

While there are many definitions, rules, and principles in the philosophy, it all comes down to one thing: build one thing and make it work consistently. Through the UNIX philosophy, cloud computing architecture developers design for a single application and its output. There may be several stages of cloud computing, but they are all there to serve one and only one online application. 

The UNIX philosophy also works on the hardware as well as the software. In many cases, entire cloud data centers and server farms are used for a single application. This may seem a little excessive, but it assures that the application has as many backups as possible in case of failure.  

Cloud computing architecture involves the efficient and effective marriage of hardware and software. The hardware data centers need to be secured and highly reliable while the software applications have to robust enough to handle thousands of requests per minute. Together, they form the cloud computing architecture we all rely on every day.   

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