5 Popular OpenCart Themes for Your E-commerce website


Despite its many faults, OpenCart is a robust and popular
open source, PHP-based e-commerce solution used by many internet merchants around the world. People love it because it uses clean intuitive, and easy-to-modify code. It also offers a feature-rich, user-friendly, search engine optimized experience with a powerful, built-in, payment processing. It is an excellent choice if your business that needs more control than you get with hosted solutions but not the complexity of a more fully featured suite.

You do not even need to do any programming to use the platform either. You have a number of great professionally-created themes you can use. To get you started, here are some of the more popular ones.


The Responsive OpenCart theme automatically resizes itself to the viewer’sscreen size. Optimized for desktops, tablets, and smartphones, it re-adjusts content dynamically, to offer your customers the best display experience possible. Written in HTML5 and CSS3, this SEO-friendly, mobile-friendly OpenCart theme is a great theme for all web stores and industries that must support mobile apps and users along with their traditional customer base.


FancyCart is a clean and slick, SEO-friendly, responsive, JQuery-based fixed two-column theme suitable for a wide variety of products. Like most responsive OpenCart themes, FancyCart adjusts to optimize screen and display size. It is very easy to install and customize, and ships with 5 editable Photoshop image files containing it design elements such as the main layout, slider, banners, and the product page.


You can never go wrong with black. This classic, three-column theme recolors the default OpenCart theme in black backgrounds and white text. This theme comes with design files for the homepage, categories, and product pages. It also comes the standard OpenCart multiple currency and language support, product review scripts, support for an unlimited list of categories, products, and manufacturers, payment gateways, and several shipping methods. If you do not need a full-featured shopping cart suite for your store and your customers prefer things to be a bit on the darker side, then you should check out the Black OpenCart Theme.

Gecco Shop

Gecco Shop’s universal design exists for luxury items and digital goods. The fixed two-column, well-documented, SEO-friendly OpenCart theme allows any image or texture to serve as header background. The theme also has animated thumbnail captions, animated images, adjustable thumbnail size, and a drop down menu. It also has multi-currency support, over twenty styled pages, a sitemap generator, and ati-spam features, as well as Google Analytics and AddThis integration. Gecco Shop is the only theme in this list that uses different meta descriptions and keywords for each product and category in many multiple languages


If you sell tools, sporting goods, jewelry, fashion, or products for kids, you should use Uni-Store. The theme comes with six different preset color schemes for these specific industries including a black and white scheme for jewelry. With color gradients, an unlimited color palette, custom background textures and images, and Google Web Fonts, you can create your dream shop in few minutes. You can configure a single-column or full-page website with a stylish unique modern design. The theme comes with ten Photoshop design files and a well-documented installation guide to assist you in making your unique e-commerce platform.

While there are many good, free OpenCart themes, very few of them have the features and customization options offered by the more premium themes such as the ones above. So if you want to take your e-commerce to the next level, any of the above themes are bound to find the right solution for your website and your customers.

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