Why Go With Solar Energy?

Solar Energy Benefits

Solar energy has been around a century, but it only reached mainstream acceptance within the last decade. It is still more expensive relative to other more conventional forms of energy, but its costs continue to drop rapidly. That is a good thing as the technology offers enormous advantages.  

Solar Energy Offers Financial Savings

Out of the box, solar energy provides virtually free energy with no byproducts. You generally pay for nothing once these systems are installed. Plus, in many areas of the country, solar energy is now one of the cheapest investments you can make to your home.

The Cost of Installation.

While the actual costs will vary from region to region, the average household can save over $23,000 on energy costs over the next 25 years. Solar power is so cheap right now, that it is often a better investment than the stock market. You will actually earn money by going solar.

Federal and State Incentives

Solar energy also gives you several federal and state financial benefits through the U.S. Department of Energy Database of State Incentives for Reenables and Efficiency. You even save money on solar with a 30 percent solar tax credit at tax time.

Finance Your Installation for even more savings

While there is no benefit to installing a system that is larger than you need, you can save even more money on you upfront installation costs with some lucrative financing options from lenders who specialize in renewables.

Buying your solar system with a solar loan will let you earn money immediately, but that might not be an option for you. With these options, you rent the system, saving you up to 30 percent per month in the process.

The Installation Process Save Time as Well

Beyond financial advantages, solar energy requires very little effort to install. Most of the time is determining if your home can have a solar system.

After that, the installation tends to run smoothly. Your installer needs to add the cells to your roof and an inverter to your current electricity meter, but these things tend to go quickly. However, once installed, your system will work with little maintenance for as long as you own the home.

These Benefits Outweigh the Risks

Even with all these great financial incentives, solar energy still cannot be used at night or in places that do not receive enough annual sunlight. Despite these issues, solar energy is one of the cheapest, infidelity abundant energy sources available to a homeowner.

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