Roomba 877 and 890 Pros and Cons

iRobot Roomba 890

As the leader in robot vacuum technology, iRobot offers products for everyone. They are so huge that most people will just end up buying either from their Roomba 877 or Roomba 890 line. Even without the newer features of the 900-series, the 877 and 890 offer excellent value for their prices with their own advantages and disadvantages.

What’s in the Box?

The Roomba 877 comes in a simple package with its charging station, power cord, a virtual wall device with batteries, and an extra filter. It also comes with all of its Owner’s guide and documentation. On the other hand, the 890 adds an additional side brush, built-in Wi-Fi transceiver, and the associated mobile app.

Besides their hardware, both models have both iRobot’s iAdapt and AeroForce technologies. The iAdapt responsive navigation system lets the robots clean your entire house from a single docking station though a combination of software and sensors. AeroForce is a 3-stage vacuuming system that uses two counter-rotating, multi-surface brushes and a spinning side brush to pick up dust, debris, dirt, pet hair from the floor and along wall edges before vacuuming the debris into the bin.

What makes the Roomba 877 and 890 different?

The only major differences are their remote-control and external navigation systems.

The 877 has a single Virtual Lighthouse which you can set to either wall or lighthouse mode. In wall mode, the robot stays within a single room, while lighthouse lets it move safely to another. Meanwhile, the 890’s Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier can block open doorways or protect some restricted area within a room.

Beyond their navigation equipment, the Roomba 890 comes with more features, but you may not need them. Both models run relatively silently on their 60-minute, Lithium-ion batteries with good vacuuming power. The 890 does comes with a filter system making it the perfect for allergy sufferers.

Robotic vacuum systems get better every year, but that does not mean you must go out and get the latest model with all the bells and whistles. Most people can just buy an older model and still get the great floor cleaning they desire. Both the iRobot Roomba 877 and the Roomba 890 still bring a lot to the table and are close enough to each other that most of the time choosing one will come down to personal preference.

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