WaterShip Down Soundtrack Releases for Christmas

Watership Down soundtrack

Decca Records has a gift for your BBC and Netflix fan in your life. They will release the soundtrack album for the animated mini-series Watership Down.

The Watership Down Soundtrack

The Watership Down soundtrack comes with the show’s original from Composer Frederico Jusid as well as the new song 10,000 Enemies from Emeli Sandé. You can buy the album digitally starting this Friday, December 21, 2018.

A Collaboration between BBC and Netflix

Watership Down is an animated retelling of the classic novel from Richard Adams. It follows the plight of a band of rabbits as they flee the intrusion of man and the destruction of their home in idyllic rural landscape of southern England. The Netflx series from Director Noam Merro stars the voices of James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Ben Kingsley, John Boyega, Gemma Arterton, Tom Wilkinson, Miles Jupp, Freddie Fox, Olivia Colman and Anne-Marie Duff.

Netflix will release the BBC-produced series in four parts starting on Sunday, December 23 in the United Kingdom on BBC One and on Netflix for all other territories including the United States.

Watership Down Soundtrack Track List

  • Another Day in Sandleford (1:39)
  • Fiver’s Vision (1:20)
  • Everyone, Run! (2:31)
  • That’s Our Home (2:05)
  • Birds (1:59)
  • Allow Me to Take You to The Great Burrow (3:11)
  • Frith In A Basket (2:36)
  • Saving Bigwig (3:13)
  • Well Done, Hazel-Rah (2:37)
  • Leave One Alive for Questioning (1:14)
  • El-Ahrairah (2:18)
  • General Woundwort (2:09)
  • Back to Efrafa (2:33)
  • The Escape (3:52)
  • Black Branches That Fire (2:50)
  • The Black Rabbit of Inlé (1:20)
  • Clover in The Mist (4:01)
  • From Hutch Rabbit to King Rabbit (1:46)
  • Don’t Look Up! (3:08)
  • I’m Going to Take Great Pleasure In Killing You (2:45)
  • Super 8 Memories (1:55)
  • Keehar to the Rescue! (2:12)
  • Farewell (1:17)
  • Those of You Not Loyal To Me… (2:00)
  • My Name Is Hazel (2:37)
  • Good Times in Watership Down (1:39)
  • By Frith I Will Defend It (1:50)
  • War (1:59)
  • Goodbye, Captain Holly (5:08)
  • They’re Coming in From Above! (1:39)
  • Your Plan Is Dangerous Hazel (3:29)
  • I Fear Nothing (3:36)
  • Fiver Is Alive! (2:46)
  • My Leader, My Brother, My Friend (1:13)
  • Join My Owsla (2:33)
  • 10,000 Enemies – Emeli Sandé (3:41)

Watership Down Series Trailer

While the “humans as antagonists” thing has been done for ages, at least this series does not dwell on it. Humanity is not the rabbits’ only enemy, and the trailer never shows humans. It just shows human tools and buildings. Otherwise, the rabbits just fight other animals. That does give me hope that this series will not fall in to the usually traps. Otherwise, the story is promising. If I had Netflix, I might check it out.

Either way, if you do have do have Netflix, I recommend giving Watership Down a chance. You can then come back her to post your review in the comments below before reading the other news on this website.


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