Grinch Remake Has Tyler the Creator Music

Tyler the Creator and the Grinch

Tyler the Creator made several songs for the upcoming holiday film adaptation The Grinch. The songs include the remix of the iconic tune from the original Christmas classic presented with the trailer.

Tyler The Creator and the Grinch The Stole Christmas

Tyler the Creator collaborated with Danny Elfman to produce the music for the film, which is slated for a November 9, 2018 release from Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures. He also wrote all the insert songs and reimaged variations from the 1996 original. These songs include the new title song, “I am the Grinch”, which will be on the film’s soundtrack.

Tyler the Creator’s involvement is one of the new film’s selling points as well, given that the trailers have “Featuring new songs by Tyler, the Creator” all over them. We do not have any more details on the soundtrack though. I will post them as soon as they are made public.

The Grinch is not the first time Tyler the Creator made music for animation. He also wrote music for Regular Show, Axe Cop, and Black Dynamite.

Reimagining the Reimagined with New Reimagining

The animated remake features an all-star cast with Pharrell Williams as the Narrator, Cumberbatch as Mr. Grinch, along with voice actors Rashida Jones, Keenan Thompson, Angela Lansbury, and others.

I include the trailer below.

As remakes go, this one seems like it respects the original television special. I do not hate the live-action remake from 2000. “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” was a decent holiday film on its own and Tim Carrey was great as the Grinch, but there is just something about the animated classic that was missing. The new remake just seems better. It is the true reimagined version of the classic for today’s youth. We adults will probably enjoy it as well.

If you loved the old Grinch classic or the live action film, post your opinions on the new film in the comments below. While we wait for more information on the soundtrack, you can read what else I have on this website.


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