Adventure Time Ends Its Run with a Soundtrack

Adventure Time Come Along With Me

Because the fun never ends, Adventure Time fans can enjoy the music of the show even though the series has ended. Cartoon Network release the soundtrack before they released the finale.

The Adventure Time Finale Soundtrack

Adventure Time ends its television run with one of the most beloved finales in television history, but it also leaves fans wanting more. Fortunately, we do not have to wait long to enjoy the music.

According to Nerdist, this Adventure Time soundtrack album is only for the series finale, where Finn tries to stop the Great Gum War. It features the original music from the show’s composer Tim Kieferr as well as the full-length version of the “Island Song” from Ashley Eriksson. Other notable performing artists include Willow Smith, Bettie Ward, and many others.

Fans will also find the much-anticipated release of “Time Adventure”. The song comes from Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar with guest singers such as Niki Yang, Hynden Walch, Olivia Olsen, and others. Sugar performed the track live at San Diego Comic-Con. I included a video of her SDCC performance below for your convenience. You can buy the album wherever you buy music.

Beyond the digital release, Mondo plans to release a physical vinyl edition sometime in October.

Adventure Time “Come Along with Me” Soundtrack Track List

  1. “Main Title (feat. Willow Smith)”
  2. “You and Your Brain”
  3. “Climb Time”
  4. “Memory Strings”
  5. “A Bad Omen”
  6. “War Chant”
  7. “Mind Matters”
  8. “Imagination A Dream (feat. Bettie Ward)”
  9. “Gum Shoes”
  10. “In Our Minds”
  11. “Kingdom Gum”
  12. “Nightmare Hangover”
  13. “March on The Monster”
  14. “Nothing Was Real”
  15. “Drooly Dread”
  16. “Bubbling”
  17. “Last Defense”
  18. “Out Of Home”
  19. “Time Adventure (featuring Niki Yang, Hynden Walch, Olivia Olsen, and more)”
  20. “Sun Cycles”
  21. “Clouds”
  22. “Island Song”
  23. “Waving to You”

The Adventure Never Ends

You can also relive every adventure with the release of the last three Adventure Time seasons (8, 9 and 10) on DVD! Labeled “Adventure Time: The Final Seasons”, you can buy it now wherever you buy cartoons on DVD.

this home video release includes:

  • 53 episodes
  • A 44-minute special
  • Adventure Time yearbook
  • Animatics
  • Song demos
  • Character art gallery
  • Flame Princess slipcase

Cartoon Network also plans on releasing the next season of the show (Season 11) as a series of graphic novels. Either way, you can continue to join Finn and Jake on all their adventures for years to come.

To start your own adventures, you can check out the other news updates on this website. For now, you can post your love for Adventure Time in the comments below.


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