Rick and Morty Soundtrack Coming from Sub Pop This Fall

Rick and Morty Soundtrack

Rick and Morty fans mark your calendars. Adult Swim in association with Sub Pop will release the full Rick and Morty soundtrack later this year.

Adult Swim to Bring Rick and Morty Music to the Masses

The Rick and Morty soundtrack will feature the original score from composer Ryan Elder along with a selection of the insert songs. These songs come from such performing artists as Chaos Chaos, Blonde Redhead, Mazzy Star, and Belly, plus two brand new tunes from Chad VanGaalen and Clipping.

Sub Pop Records will release the soundtrack on a standard CD on September 28, 2018, along with a colored-vinyl double LP in a die-cut jacket.

The LP will also feature:

  • Storage box with an etched plexiglass window with LED lights
  • Custom Rick and Morty poster
  • Rick and Morty patch
  • Rick and Morty sticker
  • bonus 7” single featuring an extended mix of the “Screaming Sun” from the 2nd season finale

A few months later, Sub Pop will release the soundtrack on cassette on November 23, 2018. You can now pre-order all three versions form Sub Pop’s website.

There will also be an exclusive limited edition available to the attendee of this year’s San Diego Comic Con and at this fall’s Adult Swim festival.

Rick and Morty Soundtrack Track List

  1. Rick and Morty Theme
  2. Jerry’s Rick
  3. The Small Intestine Song
  4. The Flu Hatin’ Rap
  5. African Dream Pop
  6. Look on Down From The Bridge – Mazzy Star
  7. The Rick Dance
  8. Goodbye Moonmen
  9. Summer and Tinkles
  10. Do You Feel It – Chaos Chaos
  11. Unity Says Goodbye
  12. Get Schwifty (C-131)
  13. Raised Up (C-131)
  14. Stab Him in the Throat – clipping.
  15. Help Me I’m Gonna Die
  16. Let Me Out
  17. Memories – Chaos Chaos
  18. Stuttering Light – Chad VanGaalen
  19. Alien Jazz Rap
  20. For the Damaged Coda – Blonde Redhead
  21. Fathers and Daughters
  22. Seal My Fate – Belly
  23. Terryfold – Chaos Chaos
  24. Tales from the Citadel
  25. Rick and Morty Score Medley
  26. Human Music

I do not have much experience with Rick and Morty, but I have enjoyed the clips I did manage to watch. So, I am glad the series has a soundtrack release now. The bonus LP and cassette are something though. I understand the LP as the retro vinyl movement is strong, but the cassette baffles me. Are cassettes considered retro now? Either way, I will at least get the soundtrack on CD. I am tempted to get the cassette but I no longer own a player.

If you are a Rick and Morty fan, post your favorite musical moment in the comments below. You can then read the other music news I post on this website.


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