Monster Hunter Special Legends of the Guild Slated for 2019

Monster Hunter Special

Capcom is producing an animated special movie for their video game franchise Monster Hunter. The Monster Hunter special will have the name Legends of the Guild.

Capcom’s Best-Selling Game Expanding its Market

Despite reservation from fans of Capcom’s other franchises, Moster Hunter brings in the sales. It is Capcom’s biggest draw, and the game developer wants to milk more out of it. They already signed up with the producers of Resident Evil to create a live-action film for the franchise, but they want more. They also want an anime special to go with their latest video game release, Monster Hunter World. is reporting that Capcom signed up with Pure Imagination Studios to create their new anime special. As of this post, the Monster Hunter special, Legend of the Guild, will not be canon to the Fuji TV 2016 Japanese anime Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On. Instead, it will serve as an expansion to the upcoming film, where an up-and-coming monster hunter must protect his village from an elder dragon.

Monster Hunter Special from the Makers of Ultimate Spider-Man

Pure Imagination brought in Joshua Fine, the writer for the Ultimate Spider-Man television series, to pen the script for the new Monster Hunter special. While we do not have any specifics, we also know that Pure also brought in the cast and crew of the LEGO and Star Wars animated films and specials to help bring Legends of the Guild to life. Through it all, they plan on wrapping up production at some this winter with a global simultaneous release sometime in 2019.

We have a year to see what Pure Imagination and Capcom will offer for this special. It’s a fully American production though, which may put off some of the more elitist fans but may serve the franchise well. If you are a Monster Hunter fan, what are your opinions on the new special? Will you pick it up once it releases? Post your opinions in the comments below before reading the other news posts on this website.


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