Solar Energy Has Many Advantages

Solar Energy

Solar energy gets a lot of buzz these days for a lot of reasons. Regardless of what you think of it, solar energy is one of the most debated forms of energy with its own share of deep rooted myths and legends. Many see it as the future of energy, the perfect alternative to fossil fuels. However, solar energy does have its drawbacks along with its many benefits.

Advantages of Solar Energy

Out of the box, solar energy has two immediate advantages. It is free and produces no byproducts. Besides theses, the power source brings in other benefits once installed.

No Greenhouse Gases

Solar energy has no byproducts. There are no moving parts or chemical or nuclear reactions either. Therefore, it produces no greenhouse gasses or exhaust. It is completely a pollution-free energy source.

Ongoing, infinitely renewable, free energy.

It is also free and nearly maintenance-free after installation. You pay for noting once your solar panels are in place.

Save Money and Get Off the Grid

You can generate solar energy on any surface that faces the sun. Thus, we can have our own personal energy source without dealing with a utility company or the grid. This can cut your energy bills in half overnight.

Avoid Politics and Price Volatility

The sun is the ultimate renewable resource. Its price cannot be easily manipulated by industries or governments. While some claim that government incentives are political intrusions, the solar industry does not need them. Removing the incentives would just slow down development.

Saves the Environment

The environmental impact of solar energy comes only in the production of the solar cells. Once installed, solar energy requires no raw materials, making it environmentally friendly as well.

The Disadvantages of Solar Energy

  • Solar energy is useless at night, but this can be alleviated by using batteries as temporary energy storage.
  • Solar energy is inefficient. Solar panels effectiveness is based on their surface area and produce nothing that can reduce that effectiveness. Thus, we can increase productivity by adding more panels.
  • Solar Panels are bulky. At least, they were, newer panels are efficient and transparent enough to serve as windows. You can even roll them out like wallpaper.
  • Solar installations are expensive. Solar energy is free, but collecting it is not. We must spend money and resource to make the cells. Fortunately, these are all upfront costs. You rarely need to replace solar systems after installation.

Solar energy is a cheap, infinitely abundant energy source. We can use it as much as we want without worrying about costs and the environment. It does have a few disadvantages, but we can easily overcome these drawbacks. The industry is still young as well. Only time will tell where it will go in the future, but it will be as bright as the sun.

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