Does Testosterone Cause Acme?

Does Testosterone Cause Acme?

You might have heard the rumors that say testosterone causes acme, and wondered if it is true or not. The short answer is yes, but there is a catch. Testosterone does not do it alone. If it did, over half of the world would have chronic acme as everyone has some amount of testosterone in them at any given time. Thus, we must understand the other factors that go into it. Only then, we can find a cure for the acme.

Our health is the product of many factors. Some factors such as environmental, diet, and hygiene derive from external sources, but most lie inside us. Our bodies adapt to our environments, health, and lifestyles by regulating an intricate network of hormones and triggers. This is how testosterone causes acme.

Testosterone and Other Hormones

Our hormones direct our bodily functions according to our instincts and desires through a group of glands called our endocrine system. We have several types of them operating inside of us, and each one has its own job. Most just keep us health, but others trigger physical changes. These changes can lead to problems as we age. Our reproductive hormones are one of the types that do this.

People often call our reproductive hormones our sex hormones since they give us our gender differences. Estrogen and progesterone create female sec characteristics, while testosterone (or androgen) turns boys into men. Because testosterone and acme in men are more prevalent in boys, many have come to believe that testosterone causes acme only in men. However, testosterone and acme is a problem for both boys and girls.

Despite this, it is not testosterone that causes the acme. It is high testosterone levels that do it. You cannot get low testosterone acme. Experts debated this for decades, but there is only a strong link between high testosterone levels and acme.

How Does Testosterone Cause Acne?

As people enter puberty, their bodies increase their levels of reproductive hormones in their blood, including testosterone. In response, oil glands in the skin start releasing sebum, an oily substance that keeps our bodies moisturized and flexible more commonly known as sweat. Normally, sweating is a good thing, but things change as your testosterone levels rise. High testosterone leads to an overproduction of this oil. As the trapped sweat accumulates, it starts clogging pores, giving us pimples or testosterone-caused acme.

This testosterone-booster acme forms because the clogged pores make excellent environments for bacteria to thrive and multiply, harming neighboring cells. You develop whiteheads, blackheads, oily skin, cystic pores, and inflammation as the infection spreads and worsens.

While most people develop this testosterone-caused acme during puberty, it can happen at any time in a person’s life. Any type of stress, including sexual activity, can lead to the hormonal imbalance that makes testosterone levels surge, even in adults. For instance, women may develop testosterone-caused acme from anything that disturbs their menstrual cycle. Body builders and athletes that use steroids and artificial testosterone for muscle growth can develop the acme from testosterone injections as well. These are just a small sample of how testosterone causes acme in both women and men as discovered through numerous medical studies from around the world.

So, it is true that testosterone causes acme. It just only does that when its levels are too high for your body to handle.

What Causes High Levels of Testosterone?

Since high testosterone causes acme, we now must figure out why testosterone levels can get so high in the first place. However, you need a good understanding of medicine and chemistry to fully diagnose the condition. Your doctor can show you why your testosterone levels are high, and what you can do about it and your acme.

While there are some similarities, each of the many causes has their own way of amplifying your testosterone. Some do it intentionally. Others raise testosterone as side effects. Either way, you must treat the resulting testosterone-caused acme according its root cause.

Anabolic Steroids

Athletes that want to get an advantage over their competition might take anabolic steroids to grow their muscles. Others may use them to enhance their secondary male characteristics. Anabolic steroids are synthetic testosterone and work just like their natural counterpart. Thus, taking too much of them can take your testosterone levels above your body’s acme threshold, leaving you with testosterone-caused acme.

Adrenal Disease

Anything that affects your adrenal glands will make your testosterone cause acme. This includes tumors, diseases, and cancer.


You can make your testosterone cause acme even by using health products. Vitamin and mineral supplements such as Vitamin D, B vitamins, potassium, bromelain, amino acids, and Zinc make testosterone cause acme on their own, but that is not all. You can increase your testosterone levels and get acme from garlic and Korean red ginseng.

Thyroid function

Thyroid problems can raise or lower your testosterone levels too quick for your body to adjust. Thus, you might develop testosterone-caused acme if you suffer from hypothyroidism.


You can make your testosterone cause acme through what you eat. Simple carbs can leave you with high blood sugar and insulin, which can make ovaries make more male hormones in women. While sugar is a major factor, some fairly health foods can give you high testosterone levels and acme. For instance, the high amounts of Vitamin D in tuna elevate your testosterone. You only need a sing serving to see the effect as well.

Foods that can make your testosterone cause acme include:

  • Sugar
  • Tuna (Vitamin D)
  • Oysters (Zinc)
  • Eggs, especially egg yolks ( Vitamin D)
  • Bananas (Potassium, B vitamins, and Bromelain)
  • Red meat (Protein, Amino acids, and Zinc)

Diagnosing If Your Testosterone Causes Acme

While only a doctor can truly determine your testosterone causes acme, you can check yourself for high levels of testosterone. This will also tell you how likely you are to develop the condition if you do not already have it. In fact, the acme and bumps are themselves a good sign that you have an elevated testosterone production. However, there are other signs that may show up long before the pimples form.

Depressions is usually a good sign as well. Though not every bout of depression makes your testosterone cause acme. You do want to see a doctor if your depression comes with a loss of appetite, sleep disruption, and changes in weight. Other good indicators of high testosterone include strong aggression and frequent mood changes.

However, you will need a doctor to go further than that. Your doctor can use samples of your blood to measure the level of androgens in your blood. You will get the best results if you get checked in the morning as testosterone levels change throughout the day.

High Testosterone and Testosterone-caused Acme Treatments

All treatments for testosterone-caused acme comes in two categories. The first is dealing the with that acme. The other is reducing your testosterone levels. Both are needed to cure the condition and to prevent it from reoccurring.

Treating the Acme

Treating the acme is the easier testosterone acme treatment. In most cases, all you need is a topical acme cream or another acme product. These treatments open your pores to allow the sweat to evaporate along with any bacteria and other irritants. Dermatologists may add an oral antibiotic to the cream to kill the bacteria as well. These antibiotics have their own side effect. So, you need to inform your dermatologist about your allergies as well as any adverse condition develops after you start treatment.

For severe cases, your dermatologist may prescribe the drug isotretinoin or some procedure treatment, such as laser or light treatment, to reduce the inflammation and bacteria. Isotretinoin cleans up severe, scaring breakouts that do not respond well to other treatments, but it come with steep risks and side effects. It can leave you with inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, liver damage, bone malformation, and depression to name a few.

If isotretinoin is not for you, you may receive laser light therapy. The two main versions are:

  • Photodynamic therapy – your dermatologist applies a prescription liquid to the affected area through a face mask. A light or laser is then used to activate it.
  • Isolaz – A vacuum cleans your pores and excess oil while a broadband light irradiates the bacteria and evaporates the oil even more.

While receiving treatment, your dermatologist may recommend that you avoid tight clothing that sticks to your skin to let your skin breathe regardless of the severity of the acme.

Treating the Testosterone

While the acme is simple to treat, lowering your testosterone requires a more involved process. For instance, you should start as soon as you suspect that you have testosterone-caused acme is the cause of your acme. Either way, you must seek the advice of your doctor before taking any drastic measures. This is because low testosterone can cause problems on its own such as reduced sexual drive, weight gain, and disruptions to your sleeping.

Women usually have naturally low testosterone levels, and are therefore more like to have their testosterone cause acme. While other factors play a role, this is the chief reason why high testosterone has such a big impact on women. A good example of this is what happens during a menstrual period. Estrogen dominate the first half of the cycle while progesterone takes the second. However, progesterone creates testosterone, which explains the pre-period acme breakouts. Fortunately, women can just exercise at any moderate intensity to bring their androgen levels down. Though, they can also eat soy and lima beans to raise their estrogen levels to counteract their high testosterone. Just note that high estrogen levels can be as bad. Women can also use testosterone acme female [body washes]

Men generally have higher levels of testosterone, and therefore do not need much to reduce the effects. They can just use face washes and sunscreen to alleviate the acme. However, that does not mean men do not get testosterone-caused acme, and they can regulate their testosterone by avoiding dairy products; Dairy products are made from milk from pregnant cows which has hormones that work like testosterone. Men can also reduce their sugar intake, which will work for women as well.

If all else fails, your doctor will give you medicine to reduce your testosterone levels. Spironolactone will drastically drop your testosterone as mentioned before, but it exists to fight heart and liver failure. Cyproterone acetate does not stop testosterone-caused acme on its own, but it does block testosterone receptors reducing the effect. Doctors use it to treat hypersexuality, prostate cancer, and benign prostatic hyperplasia, but it will cure your acme as well.

So, Does Testosterone Cause Acme?

We can definitely say “yes” to this question, but only if the levels in your body are sufficiently high. The threshold is different for everyone, but if you suspect your breakouts are testosterone related, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible. You should also remove foods that create testosterone from your diet and replace them with those that make estrogen. These are your main tools for balancing your hormones and keep your skin clear.

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