The Flash S2E17 Flash Back

The Flash

Barry is on the hunt to find a way to defeat Zoom, but the only one who knows how was Eobard Thawne how is now dead. The only way Team Flash can get the answers they seek is a Flash Back to the past in the Seventh Episode of The Flash Season 2. 

Barry to the Past

However, Barry travels back a few weeks early to arrive back to when Hartley Rathaway was terrorizing Central City with his sick beats. Fortunately, he was able to use this to his advantages by taking over the life of his old self. However, a time wrath follows him there before he could get the speed Force equation from Eobard.

Thawne seems right through the deception and attempts to kill future Barry before Barry gives him an ultimatum that he will reveal Eobard’s secret to his past self. Thane then decides to help Barry to maintain his future “victory”.

Unfortunately for them, the wraith tracks Barry to STAR Labs where the old Team Flash must use Hartley’s help to stop the thing. Old Barry arrives as well and Barry has to spill the beans that her is from the future. During the encounter, Thawne gives Barry the tachyon formula before sending the future speedster back this own time.

Back in his own time, Barry confronts the wraith again, but Hartley (now a part of Team Flash) deals with the problem with a good sonic boom to end the episode.

A Flash Back Fan Service Episode

A simple Flash Back episode with a purpose. It exists to show us how far the writers will go to retcon their story to do something. It also exist to show us the time wraith. People say they are the TV universe’s version of the black speedsters from the comics, the harbingers of death for speedsters.

There was a few cringe moments as Barry is as bad at time travel has the Legends of Legends of Tomorrow, but it passes for a decent fan service episode. Next time, The Flash gets back on the Defeat Zoom arc.

Until then, read my other Flash reviews while posting your own Flash Back reviews in the comments below.

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