Using Old Windows for Wedding Decorations


One of today’s greatest trends, recycling turns old, cast-off items into amazing, beautiful artwork. You can do a lot with the stuff you find around your home, yard sales, and other antique shops. For instance, you can use old windows for wedding decorations for your big day so you can have more money to spend on your honeymoon.  

How you can use old windows in your wedding is as varied as there are weddings. Generally, you can do whatever you want as long as it fits in with your vision of your wedding day. Depending on how much other old furniture you have, there are some common design tips that will point you on the right track.

Before you do anything, you should think about the area where you want to set out your place cards, buffet table, vintage photo booth, and other decor. This way, you will have some idea about where you want to place and use your windows. Old windows make for great glass windows displays, trimmed with your wedding colors. You can paint over the windows or use wall paper to create designs, or simply use photos of the bride and groom to create a personal one of a kind decor that is all your own. Windows will enhance the look and feel of everything from your candles to floral arrangements.

Old windows also make for great decorative room or garden separators. You can combine them with old doors to create the perfect entrance to your reception area as well. You can even use an old window as a rustic welcome sign for your guests. All you have to do is write you welcome message right on to the glass and prominently display it in front of your of your wedding hall or reception. If your windows are particularly ornate, you just display them to give some additional class to the whole scene.

Old windows mesh well with any style of wedding. All it takes is a little imagination to turn these old glass panes into the decor your wedding needs. Old windows will look amazing in any room, including the outdoors. The possibilities are limitless.

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