The Flash S2 E7 Through E15 Flash and The New World

The Flash

The Flash continues with Season 2, and this time Barry Allen has to deal with a whole new universe of pain. In the meantime, he has to set the stage for another DC television series. Either way, everyone wants the Flash. 

It has been some time since my last review post, and things have skyrocketed since then. Several characters went off to star in Legend of Tomorrow, and Team Flash had fun on Earth 2, and it is all leading to one great finale, and I can’t wait for it. We also had out annual Grodd episode.

Since I need to do a review of the Legend of Tomorrow Season 1 eventually, I will leave those episodes out of this one, but there is still a lot to talk about when it comes to Earth 2.

As expected, the middle and waning episodes of Season 2 involve Barry trying to get fast enough to defeat Zoom. Along the way, Team Flash discovers that new meta-humans were jumping through the breaches, including other speedsters.

Eventually Team Flash decide to go to Earth 2 and retrieve Wells’ daughter and stop Zoom on his home turf. Along the way, they meet their Earth 2 selves and cause a lot of problems, showing us how new they still are at this hero game. They also kill some people while convincing a few villains to join them against Zoom.

The Earth 2 trip ends with Zoom revealing himself as Jay to the audience. Team Flash won’t get this info until the next episode, but that was a thrilling reveal, especially with the “good” Jay lying dead at Zoom’s feet.

The Earth 2 arc gave us a bit of world building for the new DC TV universe, or is that universe building. We got to see that the other universe are just like the main DC universe but will slight modifications. It definitely set the stage for the final few episodes.

Episode 16 gives us a female speedster and  more world building. I will post that review in a few hours or tomorrow. Until then, you can read my other Flash reviews and post your own Flash reviews in the comments below.


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