The Flash S2 E16 Trajectory

The Flash

We are one a Trajectory toward destruction. Zoom wants it all and Barry Allen’s speed, and he will stop at nothing to get it. But, with the breaches closed, Team Flash has to deal with a new speedster in town in Episode 16 of The Flash Season 2. 

The episode begins with the gang going to a nightclub to unwind after training Barry and failing. At the club, a new speedster races in and steals everyone’s shit. Turns out that new meta-human is a woman, and she is faster than Barry (a common occurrence with this show).

Turns out the new speedster is Eliza Harmon, a Mercury Labs employee high on Velocity 9. Catlin gave her samples to help her develop the drug for Jay, and now Harmon reversed engineered it to make herself the fastest woman alive.

She’s running around Central City as Trajectory stealing stuff to feed her science, but she’s running out of Velocity 9 ingredients. Fortunately, she knows where to get more because her drug dealer works for S.T.A.R. Labs. So, she invades team Flash HQ, imprisons Barry, then starts demanding more V-9, including threatening Jesse to get what she wants.

Wells and Catlin reluctantly gives Harmon the drug before they free Barry and start trying to find Harmon again. They find the V-9 addict causing havoc in the City, including wrecking a few bridges. Barry manages to track her down, but Eliza refuses to stop. After taking one more V-9 hit, she runs off just before she ODs into a beautiful display of blue lightning and speed force dust.

At least now, we know what happens when speedsters have too much speed. It’s a nice message about not doing drugs as well. Barry is probably glad he didn’t take the hit he was pondering the moment he discovered Eliza’s secret.

Still, Team Flash now have a hint on Zoom’s identity. Eliza’s blue lightning look eerily similar to Zooms and that means Zoom is a dying speedster. Coupled with Cisco’s vibes, the team manages to discover that Jay was Zoom all along.

They will have to find a way to get back to Earth 2 then, but they have a plan now at least. They have to find out why there are two Jays though. Their answer is that it was a speed ghost, but that doesn’t match the evidence we were given all season. Things are getting interesting though. It’s good to have the series out of hiatus again.

If you agree or disagree, tell me in the comments below. In the meantime, you can read what I thought of the season so far.


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