Keep Your CNG FacilityCompliant With CNG Codes and Regulations


Fueling your fleet vehicles to compressed natural gas (CNG) just makes sense. It saves you money without decreasing performance. You probably are already planning to take advantage of those savings as you read this. You conducted feasibility studies. You calculated your ROI and applied for federal and state funding. You might be ready to hire some CNG facility builders to design and build your station, but there is more to CNG than you might think.

CNG conversions are costly and complicated if you let them, and it is easy to get caught up in the sales pitches, rumors, and myths.  Plus, many regulators and manufacturers are still learning the industry themselves. You need to seek advice from builders that actually know how CNG fuel systems work.

Most people only consider the cost of the fueling station, its components and the conversion costs for their vehicles. However, they rarely consider how they will store or maintain those new or retrofitted CNG vehicles.  If you do not take these things into consideration,, your CNG conversion plans may take longer to complete, stop suddenly, or crash and burn.

For instance, since CNG is a gas, your entire facility needs to comply to all applicable building codes and regulations. For instance, anything attached to your ceiling (i.e. lighting fixtures or fans) needs Class 1 Division 2 certification. In contrast, you only need compliant equipment on your floor with gasoline or diesel. Because of this, you are better off building new CNGcompliant facilities than retrofitting an old garage. Though, if your building already meets today’s codes, you do not have to pay that much to upgrade it.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this. Often, your plans for your facility will dictate which path you take.

Reliable CNG facilities builders can help you navigate the maze of CNG requirements, codes, and regulations and design your conversion accordingly while minimizing your costs and ensuring a safe working atmosphere.

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