Heroes Season 1 Have Powers Have Problems


I finally have time to watch Heroes. So, I picked up the first season from my local library, and have been watching for the last few weeks. I still got two more discs to view, but I see why people like it. It’s deeply flawed though, and those flaws do hurt the series as a whole.¬†

The concept is simple enough. A new evolution is giving people all over the world super human powers. These powers are different for each individual, some helpful some not, but every special person has something interesting about them.

The season starts of with Suresh and his investigations into his father’s work and it continues from there revealing a new hero every episode. While only the regulars matter in the end, each new hero of the day has something to contribute even if it is just to die for the cause.

The characters are easy to relate to, but some of the storylines take too long to go anywhere. This is clearly a vehicle for the actors and a fan service to superhero fans. A lot of the scenes are just the heroes showing off their powers to show off their powers. I understand that they are lal new at this, and they are just testing their capabilities, but the pace could have been a lot quicker than it was. These problems problem derive from the rather large cast of main characters.

Season 1 jumps between three main stories. The first is stopping a hero from going nuclear and leveling New York. The second is sta serial killer hero that is killing heroes for their power. The  third story is some shadow agency determined to treat heroes as either tools for their personal gain or pest that need exterminating.

All three plots seem related, but I like the killer hero one the best. Hopefully, that one gets some resolution by seasons end. I got two more discs in the season to watch, and I will continue this review when I do. Until then, if you watched Heroes yourself, tell me what you thought of it in the comments below.

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