Guidelines for Safe CNG Vehicle Maintenance facilities


As more and more companies switch their fleet to compressed natural gas, more and more companies will need natural gas vehicle maintenance facilities to maintain their vehicles. While your natural gas facilities needs will vary based on the size, age, and demands of your shop and fleet, here is a short list of guidelines you should consider for your facility and staff.

Safety First

The safety of your staff, your neighbors, and you is the key component behind every industry and government regulation and requirement. Natural gas systems are completely safe while on the road. Your enclosed shop is a different story. The gas, which would normally dissipate harmlessly in to the air, can get trapped inside and ignite. You want to make sure that your facilities have enough ventilation and methane detection systems to keep your shop and technicians safe while meeting all codes and regulations.

Adequate Training

You want to invest in natural gas training and safety certification programs for all your facility’s staff. You want your technicians aware of all hazards of high pressure natural gas and how to deal with them in any condition.

Plan for Risks

Because they can happen at any time, you have to plan for the potential hazards of natural gas before they happen. This includes implementing proper training and safety precautions such as:

  • Proper ventilation systems.
  • Methane detection system
  • A clear space of at least 18’’ between the ceiling and overhead electrical devices
  • Sealed electrical devices to avoid unintentionally igniting the natural gas

Hire a Natural Gas Consultant

Compressed natural gas can save your money while lowering your fleet’s environmental impact. You just have to take some precautions before it turns into a nightmare rather than a key component of your business.

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