Arrow Season 2 City of Heroes


I recently had the chance to go back and watch the Arrow episodes I missed. I’m still missing three episodes of Season 1 since my local library does not have them, but I was able to watch every episode of Season 2. It is definitely an improvement from 1, setting the stage for seasons to come. 

Arrow Season 2 tells the tale of how Oliver transformers from the vigilante of Season 1 to the hero he will eventually become. This transformation takes the form of Mirakuru, a drug that makes you superhuman at the cost of your mind and sanity. It also takes the form of his old friend from his days on the island, Slade.

High on Mirakuru and the death of a friend, partially caused by Oliver, Slade wants to make Oliver suffer and he will take everything Oliver loves in the process. The plan unfolds throughout the season, with the final glorious stages happening at the end of the season.

Through it all, Oliver learns what it means to be a hero, and takes on Roy Harper has his protege. We also learn that Sara Lance was still alive and working for the League of Assassins as the Canary.

In the end, everyone learns what it means to be heroes to give us the title of the season: the City of Heroes. This theme will continue on to later seasons, as Starling City’s heroes join Team Arrow to fight the evils that threaten it.

In the end, Team Arrow defeats Slade and more people end up knowing Oliver’s secret. Soon, Oliver will have no more secrets to keep, but not for a few more season, but things are progressing more quickly now.

Season 3 takes where Season 2 leaves off to bring Team Arrow in full confrontation with the League of Assassins. Since I already reviews Season 3, I will just link to the first episode and let you guys go. Arrow is one fine television series, and one of the best superhero shows of all time. If you agree or disagree, tell me in the comments below.

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