Arrow Season 1 How Heroes Are Made


I finally had time to go back and watch the first season of Arrow. While I understand why people loved it enough to give it 3 more seasons, I also see the flaws. It is also tough knowing all the spoilers for what happens to the characters in the later season as well, but there is still some merit for going back to where the show began.


Arrow, of course, starts with Oliver’s return to Starling City after his five years on his island getaway. While his friends see him as a damaged man, Oliver spends his nights killing people in the name of justice. While we know he eventually stops the killings, Oliver seems obsessed with killing everyone in his father’s book. It is nice to see that this show started off that way. It gave Oliver a place to grow, and the show is now in a much better place because of it.  The same goes for the secondary characters. I can’t say much about those that died during the first season, as I couldn’t care less for them know what happens to them later, but that all done their part to push the plot along.

That does not mean the first season of Arrow was flawless. The undertaking subplot took too long to develop for instance. I also didn’t like the ways Oliver revealed himself to his friends. While I get why they did those scenes, they could them far better than they did. In particular, how Diggle joins the team. With all the ways Oliver went missing to be the Hood, you would expect others to expect something and discover his secret soon than Diggle did. Diggle is smart enough to figure it out as soon as he meets Oliver as well.

Still, while later season managed to improve the series, Season 1 was a decent start to the series. I am glad I finally got to watch these episodes after missing them for four years. There is no way to know what I would have thought of them if I watched them live, but seeing them now, with what I know comes later, gave me insights to what these characters were doing and where the show was going. Little clues you missed during your first viewing were clear as day, and is one of the reasons to rewatch a show like Arrow.

If you love Arrow, say so in the comments below, and I will get back to my Arrow reviews next week.

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