Arrow S4 E6 Through E15 The League Civil War


It has been a while since I wrote an article about CW’s Arrow. In that time, half of the series has aired and the story has progresses so much to talk about in one post, but I am going to do it here so I can get into this.  

The War against HIVE intensifies as Team Arrow removes layer after layer of deception. Oliver even decided to run for mayor of Star City in an attempt to bring HIVE into the light. The run ends when Darhk takes Oliver’s sin hostage, leaving Darhk’s wife as major of Star City.

Arrow also had its part in piloting the new Legends of Tomorrow show, before the show took its dark turn with Oliver’s son. The show then introduced Felicity’s father, a HIVE operative that goes by the name Calculator.

Then, there was the war between Nyssa and Merlin for the League of Assassins. Nyssa wants the ring of Ra’s from Merlin and the war spills over into Star City. This is on top of the war with HIVE, and the damage it does to the city and characters  made it an interesting arc to watch. In the end, Nyssa wins with Oliver’s help to disband the League all together. The future of the new DCU will be strange without the League to make thing interesting.

Now, the show heads for its final arc of the season. I already missed an episode of it, but I should be able to watch it soon to give me reaction and review, but for now, I think I can stop things here. Arrow Season 4 took the show to a whole new level of greatness. Even after going back to watch the first two seasons, I still prefer Volume 4 over the others. The show just gets better and better.

There is still much more to go, but I like where the show is going. If you agree, tell me in the comments below. If not, tell me anyway, I like reading what you have to say. In the meantime, feel free to read my other Arrow reviews.

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