The Flash S2 E6 Enter Zoom

The Flash

It is time to Enter Zoom. Today is the day we call out our enemies and end their reign once and for all. There is no looking back. We have to live with whatever happens from this point onward muck like the citizens of Central City in Episode 6 of The Flash Season 2.

Doctor Light stripped herself naked to flee STAR Labs. While chasing after a naked woman through the streets sounds like fun, Team Flash has more important things to do. It is time to call out Zoom. He has ravaged world after world, and it is time to introduce Team Flash of Earth 1 to him. Team Flash needs a way to stop him before he brings his doom to Earth 1. So, they devise a trap using Doctor Light’s costume. Doctor Light stripped herself naked to flee STAR Labs. Barry wanted her to help stop Zoom, but Earth 1 Linda Parts has all the looks they need. She just has to be the new Doctor Light for a few days.

The trap looked great on paper. Dr. Wells created a drug that slows down speedsters. Doctor Light gave them the signal that would summon Zoom. All Team Flash needed to do was stage a fight between Doctor Light and the Flash in which Barry loses. However, Zoom sees right through their trap cards to unleash one of his own, using Earth 1 Linda as a pawn to call out Barry instead, an expected result given how many episodes there are left in the season.

After Zoom easily defeats Barry, he drags Barry’s ass around Central City showing off his victory to the local news and police, before returning to STAR Labs to give his ultimatum and kill Barry before Cisco shoots him away with the serum. Zoom manages to escape for another day.

The whole ordeal leaves Barry crippled though. This will suck since Team Flash has to deal with Grodd in the next episode. They may need a new form of Gorilla Warfare to cage the big simian. Team Flash will definitely have their hands full until Barry can fully recover.

This was a fast paced episode for a fast pace show. A lot of things happened in this episode, and everyone was memorable. The entire fake fight scene was perfected executed. Hope Earth 1 Linda gets to keep her costume. Maybe we will get to see the naked Earth 2 Linda running around as well. The Flash is pure madness, and that’s always a good thing.

Until the next episode airs on Tuesday, have a great day while posting your own reviews in the comments below.

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