The Flash S2 E4 The Fury of Firestorm

The Flash

Behold The Fury of Firestorm! Set your eyes on the flaming awesomeness. Who has the mettle to wear that name? There are only two candidates left. Only one can join Doctor Stein in the matrix. Take your bets as the fourth episode of The Flash Season 2 begins,

Tonight, Team Flash stabilizes Dr. Stein, but they have to give him a new Firestorm partner to do it. They can throw together short term solutions all they want, but Dr. Stein needs a partner to be whole again. Fortunately, they found two potential candidates: the scientist Henry Hewitt and the former football star Jefferson Jackson. The writers could have done the application process better. We already knew who would get the spot when they gave Jackson a hero moment to start off the episode. To their credit, they didn’t waste time trying to fool us either.

Hewitt comes in too excited to be the new Firestorm, but storms off angry when found incompatible with Stein, though he takes some Firestorm powers with him. In the other hand, Jefferson refuses the invitation, but eventually comes around to be the man Team Flash needed. This makes Hewitt mad enough to go around Central City on a burning rage fest. This forces the new Firestorm and Barry to go out and stop Hewitt. After a brief Firestorm versus Firestorm fight, Team Flash get Hewitt to burn himself out, loose his abilities, and fall unconscious only to awake in in confinement.

The Firestorm fight was fantastic. Fire versus fire, you cannot ask for anything better. Though Earth 2 Dr. Wells tried. Throughout the episode, Dr Wells made his way through the streets of Earth 1. First, he steals stuff from Mercury Labs, then he rescues Barry from Zoom’s humanoid shark monster.

Now that we have a new Dr Wells. We can start going full multiverse. In the trailers for Episode 5, The Darkness and the Light, Well tells the tale of what Zoom has done to his world, and what the main plot for Season 2 will be. Zoom was to destroy off Flashes in the multiverse, and Barry is next. We should also get more info on Iris’ brother, revealed to us and Iris as the end credits began to roll. And, it seems Grodd is back as well. Rumors also say that Hawkgirl will make her debut appearance in the episode as well.

Things are just getting better with The Flash. Arrow still has it beat, but then again Arrow has 2 extra seasons to perfect the art. Still, The Flash is getting better and better. It kept its Season 1 energy and never let go. Four episodes in to Season 2, and it is still going strong. It’s probably even better if you read any of the Flash comics as well. I’m ready for whatever the Flash writers have up their sleeves. If you are as well, feel free to post your own reviews in the comments below while you read my other Flash reviews before the new episode begins on Election Day.

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