The Flash S2 E4 The Darkness and The Light

The Flash

The Darkness and The Light are in all of us. Every one of us can snap at any given moment. All that is keeping us from lashing out are our friends and family. But, what would you do if you met your dark side? Thanks to the black hole, the people of Central City face this problem in the fourth episode of The Flash Season 2.

Team Flash finally gets to meet Earth 3 Harrison Wells, the creator of all the meta-humans and Zoom of his Earth. Wells wants to help Barry take down the Zoom, despite is despise for all things meta-human, which is a good thing since a new thief from Earth 2 arrives to stir up trouble. Her name is Doctor Light, and Jay wants to reason with here, even though Wells wants her dead. Jay’s plan works until Barry figures out that Doctor Light is Earth 2 Linda Park.

This prompts Earth 2 Linda to hunt dawn and kill her Earth 1 counterpart. However, she missed and kills Linda’s boss instead, only to be foiled ay Team Flash on her second attempt. In the process, Wells reveals Cisco’s meta-human Vibe power to the rest of the team, while Barry learns the speed mirage technique.

With Light locked up, Team Flash and Wells prepare the ultimate trap for Zoom, a tap that would end his reign of terror for good. This is a good thing since Zoom is using Wells’ daughter as bait for his own plans.

I have no idea what I would do if I met my double from another world. Linda has to face this scenario in Episode 4, forcing Team Flash to come to terms with their own situations. Each member of Team Flash has a doppelganger in Earth 2. In fact, they may have one on every plan of existence in the multiverse.

Other than this revelation, The Darkness and The Light offers a look into what Zoom has been doing and how he came to be. He’s a creations of Earth 2 Wells as all of Earth 1 meta-humans are, and he wants to be the only speedster in the multiverse. He even trapped Well’s daughter to bring that plan into fruition. Wells, for his part, created a meta-human detector, which is how he reveals Cisco’s secret to the group.

The two will have their rematch in the next episode. It is called Enter Zoom, and it will show us how Zoom enters Earth 1 to meet Barry and Earth 1. Until then, post your own reviews of Episode 4 in the comments below while you read my review of The Fury of Firestorm.

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