Gotham S2 E8 Tonight’s the Night


Tonight’s the Night! Tonight, we take city by storm. Tonight, all shall be revealed. Tonight, decisions will be made. Tonight, relationships will fall. Tonight, relationships shall form from the ashes. Tonight, we talk about Episode 8 of Gotham Season 2.

It’s Barbara’s wedding nightmare and we are all invited. The Galavans gave her permission to kill Jim Gordon, and she wants to do it in style. He also offers to take Wayne Enterprises off Bruce’s hands to celebrate the occasion. Theo is even will to give Bruce the name of his parents’ killer for the privilege.

Barbara begins her big day be strolling into GCOD headquarters with an offer they can’t refuse. Gordon offers himself to Barbara’s trap to learn more about the Galavans. However, he does not defuse the trap in time while Tabitha takes out his entire convoy. After a long nap, Gordon wakes up strapped to a chair in the church where he was going to marry Barbara before they broke up, Gotham Cathedral.

At Bullock’s command, the Strike Force discovers Gordon’s location and storm in to retrieve him and Leslie (who Tabitha brought to the party). While the Strike Force deals with Tabitha and her crew, Gordon and Barbara have a much needed talk. This leads to Barbara falling through a window, giving her several injuries.

Barbara got away, but Gordon managed to get some information from her. With this info, the GCPD rescues Mayor Aubery James before putting Theo Galavan, while Bruce turns down Theo’s offer. Theo does destroy the Waynes’ murder evidence in the process, but at least the Dumas plot is stalled once again.

Elsewhere, Nygma buries a few people before running into the Penguin asking him for help.

Gordon has stopped Theo for now, but we are still only in the first half of the season. There is still more time for things to go wrong. The only thing we got from this episode is that Bruce is determined to keep his company, Jim and Leslie will break up, and Barbara is insane. We also got to see Nygma steal the show. In fact, I preferred his scenes to the rest. Riddler is comedy gold, and this episode proves it. Hopefully, we will get more in the next episode now that he has found the Penguin. Cobblepot needs A Better Pill to Swallow since he’s hurting right now. Let’s hope he can survive until the next episode.

Until then, feel free to post your own reviews of Tonight’s The Night in the comments below while figuring out what happened to Oswald in Mommy’s Little Monster.

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