Gotham S2 E7 Mommy’s Little Monster


Mommy’s Little Monster will own this town. Mommy’s Little Monster is the star of this show. Mommy’s Little Monster will rise up when all seems lost. Mommy’s Little Monster will avenge his mother in Episode 7 of Gotham Season 2.

The Penguin is out to find his mother, and he will stop at nothing until he does. Butch Gilzean discovered where the Glaavan’s were keeping Cobblepot’s mother, and now the man has released his troops. Unfortunately, the Glavans were waiting for them, and use their Gilzean trap cards to murder Cobblepots mother. The Penguin escapes, but does so vowing to kill Theo in revenge. Galavan also uses his new mayoral powers to turn the GCPD against the Penguin, even getting Harvey Dent to produce an arrest warrant for the crime boss.

It is this move that forces Gordon to suspect that Theo is not all that he says he is. He drags Bullock to help him find Butch to get all the answers he needs to discover the truth about the Galavans and their relationship with Cobblepot.

The fun hits a climax during a public gathering to celebrate Mayor Theo’s win. The GCPD stake it out undercover to set traps for the Penguin, who does show up with his entire army of Penguin cosplayers. Gordon manages to capture Cobblepot, but Oswald manages to escape before Theo could order Gordon to shoot him dead. Afterwards, Gordon informs Theo that he now knows the truth and will worth to unseat the new mayor as Tabitha murders a few GCPD strike force members.

Jim Gordon discovers the Galavan secret rather quickly. Good for him. Now for Bruce to do the same, because Selena can’t fight for him alone. The murder of Cobblepot’s mother was a disturbing moment. No one guns down a mother, not even the mother of a villain the likes of the Penguin. Still, it gave Oswald a reason to go on a killing spree, and that is always a good thing. Now that his mother is gone, Penguin has nothing to tie him down. No one can blackmail him now, and that’s going to good things for Gotham.

The same goes with the death of Kristen Kringle, Edward Nygma is now free to be the Riddler we all know he is.

Next episode looks like a Barbara episode. Let’s see how much a Harley Quin she is. Post your reviews in the comments below and then we can watch Tonight’s the Night together,

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