Gotham S2 E6 By Fire


Nothing worth it comes easy. It does not matter who you are or what you want, you have to work for it. Only a trial By Fire can show you if you have the mettle to reach the stars as the people of Gotham will learn during the Sixth Episode of Gotham Season 2.

Episode 6 begins with the Pike brothers recapturing their sister Bridget after dealing with Selena. They of course abuse the girl to teach her a lesson before Bridget snaps and kills them all, fully embracing her Firefly persona. She then goes on a crime spree, burning half of Gotham, until the GCPD strike force take her down, who publicly pronounce her dead at the scene. Fortunately (on unfortunately), Bridget’s death was great exaggerated as alive and somewhat well. Her body is burnt to a crisp though, meaning she has to spend time at Indian Hill division of Wayne Enterprises, which does inhumane science to meta-humans, who believes Bridget has fireproof skin (even though it just her body armor).

Trial By Fire, indeed. Seeing Bridget become the villain she is was disturbing and entertaining. It’s great that she got away from her brothers, but burning down Gordon’s strike force was not the brightest idea. She should have had followed Selma and only burned as needed. Sill, her antics gave us Indian Hill, a major source of Batman rogues in the comics. Time will tell what the Gotham writers plan to do with it, but they must be planning something with how they introduced us to the place.

In the B plots, Edward Nygma reveals his descent into the Riddler to Kristen Kringle, and then promptly kills her, while Theo Galavan continues to lure Bruce into his traps. This time, Theo declares that he will get rid of the corruption in Wayne Enterprises if Bruce give him the CEO spot. I wasn’t expecting Nygma to kill Kringle. Like most people, I expect her to follow him into madness, but death works. It will definitely break Nygma’s mind. I wonder how much longer before he starts calling himself the Riddler?

We may or may not get our answers in the next episode as it appears to be Penguin-based. Butch Gilzean discovered where Galavan was keeping Cobblepot’s mother as the end credits began to roll. This means the Penguin is going to go in and flush her out with all the men at his disposal. They are calling the episode Mommy’s Little Monster, and that perfectly describes Cobblepot. It will rock to see the man regain his rightful place in Gotham and thwart Galavan’s plans. Gotham just gets better each and every episode.

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