Arrow S4 E5 Haunted


Pray for the Haunted for their lives are a nightmare. Comfort them in their time of need and your kindness will be rewarded in due time. Hope that you will never have to travel along their path, but if you do, pray that your friends can save your soul just as Sara had to in Episode 5 of Arrow Season 4.

The quest to save Sara’s soul has hit its crescendo. She’s been running around Star City as a possessed woman for far too long. She even tried of off Thea a few times. However, they need to bring in a guest star to do the job right this time.

The first half of the episode is all Sara and her attempts to kill Thea. Thea was the one that killed Sara, and the spirits using Sara wants revenge for being dead for so long. The only difference between this episode and the last few is that now everyone on Team Arrow knows that Sara is back. They had to learn the truth from the death of few innocents, but that is the theme of the series.

After some failed attempts, Oliver calls in his friend Constantine to restore Sara’s soul before she makes a fatal hit on Thea. Up to now, Constantine was just a flashback character, which showed how Oliver met the guy while on the Island. In the meantime, Darhk gives Captain Lance new orders to delete some names in a security computer with a computer virus. During this, Diggle learns the truth about his brother, giving him some character development.

As this was a Constantine fan service episode, there was not much plot movement. Still, there was enough to satisfy me. I hadn’t seen the now canceled Constantine series, so I don’t didn’t have a reason to care for the guy. He’s still an interesting character, and I would love to see him in the show again, but he was here to serve a purpose, and that purpose he served. Sara has her soul back, and everything progressing smoothly. In the next episode, it looks like Ray Palmer will return as well bringing Team Arrow back to full roster. Let’s hope it is as good as Constantine was in this episode.

Until then, post your reviews in the comments below, and I will see you later.

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