Arrow S4 E4 Beyond Redemption


We all make mistakes. It does not matter who or what we are. We can never give in to despair. None of us are Beyond Redemption. We can learn from our mistakes as we move forward to the future just as Team Arrow has to do in the fourth episode of Season 4.

This episode was all about coming clean from your lies.

Oliver reveals his plans to run for mayor while introducing the team to the new Arrow cave. Everyone hates the idea at first, but they eventually come around once they see the new lair.

Later, Lance and Oliver deal with the death of two police officers. Turns out that some rogue police unit is abusing their owner for their own gain. In particular, they are members of the old Anti-Vigilante Task Force Detective Lance formed to hunt down Oliver in Season 1. Fortunately, the team eventually overcomes the dirty cops with a trap at a drug disposal warehouse.

During the hunt for the cops, Felicity and Oliver discover Detective Lance’s dealings with HIVE, leading to a solemn confrontation between the two men in Lance’s house. During the meeting, Oliver asks Lance to spy on Darhk and HIVE to learn more about their operations.

In the meantime, Laurel reveals Sara to her father. Laurel had changed up Sara in her basement since returning from Nanda Parbat. Captain Lance almost kills Sara, under advice from Darhk, before Laurel brings him to his sense. This is short lived though, as Sara breaks freak, wreaking havoc across Star City in order to setup the plot for the next episode.

Everyone can be wrapped up into Oliver’s mayoral announcement speech. No one is Beyond Redemption. No matter how dark it gets, the city is still worth saving. We got to believe that we can save ourselves and everyone around us. That hope gives us strength to handle any nightmare that comes for us. Team Arrow got that reminder tonight as all the subplots up this point come to a close. The only subplots left are Sara and Ray Palmer which play out over the next two episodes. Ending these plots will allow the Arrow writers focus on the main HIVE story, especially now as we approach the mid-season break. The series gets better and better every episode and I don’t want to see the series get overloaded with plot holes and unfinished storylines. Fortunately, they will now have room for more one-off such as next episode’s visit by Constantine. He’s coming over to heal Sara soul as well as the confidence of the rest of Team Arrow.

Until then, feel free to post your own reviews of this episode in the comments bellow while reading my other Arrow reviews.

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