The Flash S2 E3 Family of Rogues

The Flash

Which family do you prefer? Do you prefer the family you were born into or the one you choose for yourself? Your answer tells a lot about you. For instance, you come from a Family of Rogues, you may want to leave your biological family and go find another one in the third episode of The Flash Season 2.

The episode begins with Team Flash searching for singularity breaches while Jay works on his breach stabilizing device that will take him home. Jay does eventually decide to stay on Earth 1 to help Barry fight Zoom before Lisa Snart shows up at STAR Labs begging for help for her brother.

Lisa fears her brother was kidnapped, and Barry runs to Leonard’s rescue only to find that Captain Cold has been hanging with his father this whole time. This doesn’t seem out of the ordinary, but Lisa claims that her brother would never work with their father willingly. It appears, their father, Lewis Snart, was an abusive father, beating the crap out of his daughter throughout her childhood.

After a few rounds between the two groups, Team Flash figures out what Lewis has over his son. He put a bomb in Lisa and has threatened to detonate it if Leonard didn’t help his father be evil and steal some diamonds. Barry decides to assist Leonard from inside Lewis’ crew while Cisco tries to remove the bomb from Lisa’s body. They eventually get the job done, and Leonard returns his father’s favor by killing him.

Finally, Dr. Stein’s condition deteriorates while Earth 2 Dr Wells enters Earth 1 to end the episode.

This was a fun episode. It exists to show us that Leonard Snart, Captain Cold, is more than just a villain. He’s an anti-hero that will star in his own show starting in January. Other that that, it was a typical Flash episode. Barry goes undercover. Iris gets on the front page and learns about her dead beat mother. The Cisco and Lisa ship sets sail. Everything we want in a Flash episode and more.

The next episode is The Fury of Firestorm. Since Stein collapsed into fire at the end of this episode, we needed a good Firestorm episode to see what going to happen with him. Good thing the writers decide to answer our questions right away and wait a few weeks or months like most other shows.

In the meantime, feel free to post your own reviews of the Family of Rogues in the comments below while you read my other reviews of The Flash Season 2.

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