The Flash S2 E2 Flash of Two Worlds

The Flash

They say two is better than one, and the Flash of Two Worlds in no different. There is a multiverse of rogues out there and we need a few fast men to round them all up. Let’s see if Barry and Jay have what it takes to run together in the second episode of The Flash Season 2.

Episode 2 continues the final season of Episode 1. Jay Garret explains how he is the Flash as well, but from a different universe, and that how followed a reverse flash by the name of Zoom. It also appears jay doesn’t have his powers for plot reasons. While Dr. Stein reveals how Jay’s story could be true, Barry refuses to believe the new guy. At this point, Zoom arrives on Earth-1 with a meta-human called Sand Demon in tow.

After a brief skirmish with the Sand Demon, Cisco does science to some of the left over sand before using his Vibe powers to see some spoilers for the upcoming scenes. In the meantime, Sand Demon kidnaps Officer Patty Spivot, Eddie’s replacement at CCPD.

This leads us to an iconic scene in the comics from the book this episode adapts. Jay teaches Barry how to shoot lightening before the two head out to save Spivot. Cisco used his powers to find the girl, and the Flashs of Two Worlds head off to their final confrontation with the Sand Demon. The fight was a special effects extravaganza until Barry makes the final shot that ultimately turns the rogue into glass. This encounter leads to Spivot’s entrance onto Joe’s meta-human task force that should become more important as the season progresses. Team Flash will need all the help they can get as Stein and Cisco discover all 52 portals to Earth 2 around town.

While I missed the first few minutes of this episode, I enjoyed the bits I did see. This episode exists to introduce the DC multiverse, and it did just that. With all the various DC worlds out there, and CW crew now has a place to show them all. The episode was also a direct adaptation of the Flash of Two Worlds comic book with each scene filmed almost exactly like their comic counterparts. This was a fun episode to watch as the two Flashes learn to work together. Jay is this season’s Harrison Wells without all the villainy and Team Flash needs to learn how to work with him. So, far, I like what I see. Officer Spivot matches her own hype as well. She’s a true fangirl, and that can only lead to great times for Barry and his crew.

Next episode is Family of Rogues, a Captain Cold episode, so we will not get as multiverse stuff, but Captain Cold is always a cool dude. Until then, feel free to post your own reviews in the comments below.

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