The Flash S2 E1 The Man Who Saved Central City

The Flash

Let’s celebrate The Flash, The Man Who Saved Central City. He saved us from the black hole, Eobard Thawne, and a bunch of Rogue meta-humans. He is the fastest man alive, and we need a holiday to celebrate his greatness in the opening act of The Flash Season 2.

We begin where we left off with Season One. The black hole threatens Central City and the world, and Barry jumps in to stop it. He needs more power so Ronnie and Professor Stein turn into Firestorm to complete the job. Unfortunately, Ronnie loses his life in the process.

Six months later, Barry is the king of Central City, but he is working alone now, after firing his friends and family for their protection. Cisco became a cop alongside Joe to hunt down meta-humans. Catlin has a cozy job at Mercury Labs, and everyone else is getting along well.

The city is having a Flash celebration as well. The mayor was going to give Barry the key to the city when Al Rothstein crashes the party. Al Rothstein is a meta-human that can change his size and strength. He also best Barry in their duel. Though, Barry eventually captures the rogue after some advice from Joe and the rest of Team Flash. In his dying breath, Al reveals the season’s plot by acknowledging that he was sent to kill Barry by a man named Zoom.

To top it all off, Barry receives Eobard Thawne’s Dr. Wells video will, containing his confession to the Nora murder, proving Barry’s father’s innocence. Team Flash throws a get out of jail party before Harry decides to leave the city so Barry can be the Flash full time. The episode ends with a mysterious man walks in and introduces himself as Jay Garrick.

Episode 1 was a nice transition episode to get us back in the land of the speedsters. Last season ended with Eddie sacrificing himself to end Eobard’s reign of terror that ultimately ripped open a rift in time and space. Nothing really happened, and that is a good thing. We needed this entrance before things get real in Episode 2.

Trailers for the season show that this season is all about multi-verse stuff with villains spilling over from another dimension. That’s a great way for the writers to introduce fan favorite rogues without breaking the canon they created in Season 1. I look forward to seeing where they take it. Next up is the Flash of Two Worlds, and it looks like they will use it to introduce the DC multiverse concept. Let’s see what they do with it. Until then, feel free to post your own Episode 1 reviews in the comments below.


  • You ever watch Flash from the 90’s? For some reason he was a little more believable…to me…also Beauty and the Beast with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton vs. the series out now…

  • I wonder what happened to Caitlin’s boyfriend. I will watch the S2 E1 again. I have it downloaded. Good job to The Flash for saving Central City, that black hole is HUGE.

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