Gotham Season 2 Episode 2 Knock Knock


Do no answer the “knock, knock” at the door. The villains are on the loose and looking for their next victims. Stay inside and let the Gotham police department do their jobs. Jim Gordon and the crew has things covered, or they would like to think they do, in the second episode of Season 2.

We begin with Bruce hacking into his father’s computer, but this does not go all that well as Alfred smashes the computer. Alfred wants to protect Bruce from the truth, and the young hero will need that truth to become the man well all know he will become. This leads to Bruce firing Alfred before changing his mind when Alfred decides to personally train the young Wayne. To do this, Alfred brings in Lucius Fox to fix the computer and to help Bruce on his mission.

Meanwhile, the villains take the mayor hostage before giving Jerome the team lead. The group starts calling themselves the Maniax while going around town on a murder spree that ends up killing just about every cop in Gotham, including new Commissioner Essen. Even Edward Nygma gets wounded while saving Kristen Kringle. After the massacre, Bullock returns in order to end the Maniax reign of terror.

What an explosive episode. We even get signs that the Court of Owls are behind the entire Maniax ordeal. This is no setup episode like Episode 1. We are now in the plot, and the plot is here to stay. Bruce has accepted that he may not like the truth but has decided that he must see it to become the hero Gotham needs. The GCPD massacre shows us how different Gotham is now compared to Season 1. I like where this season is going. I need to see what’s next. We have seven years in story until Bruce becomes the Batman, and this season looks like it will plant the seed that will get us there.

The next episode is The Last Laugh, an obvious Joker reference. Does this mean it’s a Jerome heavy episode? He is supposed to be the young Joker, or are they doing something else? We have to watch the next episode to find out, and I’ll be there. Also the CW DC shows are coming back this week. It’s a great time to be a nerd. See you next time!





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