Gotham S2 E5 Scarification


A war is raging in the streets and halls of Gotham. This war has raged for centuries sparked by an event that occurred as the city was founded. Everyone in Gotham is a soldier in this generation war, and the Scarification of the Firefly will awaken all to the darkness of the city in the fifth episode of Season 2.

The Galavans continue their quest to make everything Wayne theirs by removing and then using an eye from Sid Bunderslaw. Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot continues his quest to free his mother while doing tricks for the Galavans to keep her safe. To that end, he hires an infamous family of arsonist known as the Pike brothers.

The Pikes may be good, but they are no match for Jim Gordon and the new GCPD Strike Force who kills off one of the brothers during a rain on another one of Cobblepot’s illegal businesses. This forces the brothers to bring in their sister Bridget, Firefly in the Batman comics.

Bridget’s job is to infiltrate Wayne Enterprises, steel an old Wayne family knife, and then burn the place down. As Penguin discovers from a wise woman, the Galavan family originally went as the Dumas family, one of the five founding families of Gotham along with the Waynes. In the 19th Century, one of Bruce’s ancestors, Jonathan Wayne used the knife to punish a man named Caleb Dumas for sexually abusing his sister, Selista Wayne. Theo Galavan’s quest is just to avenge his ancestor and take back what he believes belongs to his family. This means they have to kill Bruce, but since we know who Bruce ends up as, we know Bruce and co. will thwart the Galavan efforts. It will still be fun to see how they do it though. Cobblepot plans to use this history to free his mother while Theo requests and eventually gets Gordons endorsement for mayor of the city of Gotham.

With the Scarification title, I thought this was a Scarecrow episode, and I am slightly disappointed that it isn’t. I don’t even know what the writers mean by Scarification. Wikipedia says Scarification is the scratching, etching, burning / branding, or superficially cutting of designs, pictures, or words into the skin as a permanent body modification, which just confuses me even further. Burning may refer to Bridget and the Pike brothers. The rest may refer to the Dumas-Wayne family feud. Either way, it’s an obscure reference. Still, we now have the Galavan’s motivation for their whole scheme. We also get to meet Bridget, who will be a regular on the show. Both revelations shed light on what has been happening this season so far, and that can only lead to good things.

For instance, Episode 6 is By Fire, and I expect it will be a Bridget heavy episode, especially since she killed a Strike Force member in this episode. GCPD will want Bridget dead, and they won’t stop at nothing to get what they want, even with Selena helping her friend escape. Hopefully, we will get more bat cave stuff as well. Until then, leave your own reviews in the comments below and enjoy the coming heat.

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