Gotham S2 E4 Strike Force


The new boss is in town, and he is ready to clean up Gotham. Far too long, the filth of Gotham‘s underworld had its way with the fair city and its citizens. It is time to form a Strike Force and bring the law to those who wish to break it in the fourth episode of Season 2.

GCPD has a new captain and Nathaniel Barnes is his name. He comes bearing orders to clean up the police department and city’s corruption. He enlist Gordon to establish a new strike force of fresh cadets to reach this goal. W

With everyone in the mayor’s office dead as well, the city is looking for new leadership, one that can take back the streets from criminals such as the Penguin and Jerome, and every major player in Gotham is vying for the tops spot. Even Theo Galavan has placed his hat in the ring, kidnapping Cobblepot’s mother to use a blackmail against the Penguin. Galavan then uses Oswald to eliminate his mayoral competition in style. This prompts Captain Barnes to label Cobblepot as the Strike Force’s next target.

In the meantime, Bruce is back at school. Alfred blocks Selena’s attempts to reach him, while Galavan offers Bruce a new girlfriend as gift, Galavan’s niece Silver St. Cloud. Because we need a love triangle among the kids, Silver will attend Bruce’s school as well.

Finally, Edward Nygma and Kristen Kringle have their own romantic encounters while Cobblepot begins the search to free his mother.

Captain Barnes makes this episode. He’s the one guy that makes the entire Gotham series go. He’s straight to the point, and brutally honest. I like that in a cop. I also like how he is turning Gordon into an Elliot Ness to Galavan’s Al Capone. This season will rock if this Strike Force and stay together, at least until Bruce can put on the cape and cowl.

I’m not a big fan of love triangle, so I don’t care about Silver even if she is one of Bruce’s wives in the comics. Shippers can have fun with her and Selena. I know that Selena ends up as Bruce’s main woman in most iterations of the franchise, and that is all I’m going to say about it.

Either way, Season 2 is turning out great. I can’t wait for Episode 5 which appears to be the Halloween episode. They are calling it Scarification, so we might get some Scarecrow action, but only time will tell. In the meantime, feel free to post your reviews in the comments below while reading my review of The Last Laugh here.

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