Gotham S2 E3 The Last Laugh


Who has The Last Laugh? They say the one that laughs last laughs best, but who has that coveted spot? Is it Jim, Bruce, Jerome, Selena, Barbara, Oswald? Who? I gues there is only one way to find out. We much watch the third episode of Gotham Season 2.

The villains are running amok after last episode’s massacre at the GCPD, and Gordon and Bullock are on the case. You can sense Gordon’s anger here. It seems our favorite cop took some lessons from this season’s Arrow to let in the darkness. The two detectives decide to visit Jerome’s father, but arrived too late. Jerome got their first and eliminated his father. Seems Jerome just want’s some recognition as a villain, and he will do anything to get it. This is why he is currently working with the Court of Owls in their master plan, despite his father’s warning that he will only lead Gotham into madness.

Meanwhile Theo Galavan reveal the next step of his plan to Barbara and Tabitha, boasting that his family built the city and he will get revenge on those who stole it from him. Theo wants to stage a hostage situation where Jerome and company terrorize Gotham’s elite. Theo would then swing in and save the day.

The group selects a charity event as their target. Bruce and Alfred are attending as well, along with Leslie Tompkins. Despite the GCPD’s best efforts Jerome and Barbara activate their trap cards, holding the charity attendants hostage. Before Theo could active his trap, Jerome decides to betray his master to kill Bruce. Theo manages to stab Jerome dead to accomplish his goals, but until Jerome unleashes the Joker Meme Virus onto Gotham’s citizens through their televisions. Afterwards, Barbara and Theo make out before a jealous Tabitha while Bullock makes a Penguin house call to setup the next episode.

Since Jerome dies, we know he is not the Joker despite what we were led to believe up to this point. In other words, the true Joker will come from his copycats. It is sad to see such epic character reduced to a copycat, but we have to live with it. The Joker’s true identity was never mentioned in the comics. The Joker just pops in one day to haunt Bruce Wayne’s dreams forever. Thus, a copycat is good enough, as long as the original was cool, and Jerome was a cool villain. He was cut down too soon IMHO, but the show needs to get back to more Penguin stories, and that is what it will do with the next episode as a GCPD Strike Force hunts Gotham for Cobblepots. Until next time, post your own review in the comments below and┬ákeep cool without joining Jerome in madness.

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