Arrow S4 E3 Restoration


Restoration never comes easy. It is hard work and prone to failure. Even if you succeed, you may not like the finished project. On top of that, someone has to pay for all of it as Laurel and Thea will learn in Episode 3 of Arrow Season 4.

Laurel and Thea dragged Sara’s body to Nanda Parbat to demand that Malcolm use the Lazarus Pit to resurrect Sara. The new Ra’s al Ghul initially refuses with a warning that Sara was dead far too long for anything good can come out of it. He eventually breaks down to give the women permission to use the Pit to appease Thea. To their dismay, Sara comes back feral, and Nyssa destroys the Pit in retaliation. Meanwhile, Malcom tells his daughter that the only way to stop her new dark thirst to feed it, though hints that there might be another way to deal with the dark side.

Back in Star City, ARGUS gives Diggle info on a woman named Mina Fayad, who hired Floud Lawton to kill Diggle’s brother. This woman also works for HIVE, and just happens to be in a meeting with Darhk about the growing issue of Star City vigilantes. She brings a meta-human hitman by the name Jeremy Tell with her to the meeting, a man that can create razor-sharp playing cards out of his tattoos. Despite the hitman’s skill, Darhk kills Fayad for the duos first failure against Team Arrow. Tell doesn’t survive that much longer either as Diggle and Olvier take him down at their next meeting as well.

We all saw Sara’s Restoration miles away. She has a prominent role in the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow series, and they have to bring her back to life eventually. Given that, each Arrow season represents one year in that universe, they have to show us how the Pit works for such long-time dead people as well. Nyssa’s reaction does prevent the writers from using the Pit as a crutch, but we need to know these things since HIVE has their own Lazarus Pits.

They also have to deal with Ray Palmer’s shrinkage. Felicity’s phone problems hit at something, but they also have to resolve Palmer’s story before Legend of Tomorrow starts in 2 months. They also have to do something with the Mayor Oliver subplot. Oliver said he was going to run at the end of the last episode, but they did not follow up with it here. Hopefully, they will get to these issues soon.

The next episode is Beyond Redemption, and it deals with what came back in Sara’s body. She will not be cured, as they has to wait until the arrival of Constantine to the show in the episode after it, but we will get to see how the characters deal with such things. Especially, Thea who is slowly degrading into the state of existence Sara finds herself in now.

Until, then feel free to post your reviews of Restoration in the comments below.

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