Arrow S4 E2 The Candidate


Who do you want to lead us? The mayor is missing and the deputy mayor is dead, but Star City needs a leader. Who will be The Candidate that will bring us a victory over the HIVE? We need one soon as the Ghosts are leveling the city block by clock in the second Episode of Arrow Season 4.

Team Arrow takes out one Ghost operation after another, but none of them feel satisfied, especially Diggle who fears their efforts are not enough to stem the tide. Thea is also growing closer to the Dark Side with every mission, which worries Oliver.

To make matters worse, Queen family friend Jessica Danforth wants to be mayor. Unfortunately for Danforth, one of Darhk’s assassins, Lonnie Machin, attacks her at her announcement ceremony. This would be just another job for Team Arrow if Thea didn’t slide down the rabbit hole further by almost killing a witness and setting Machin on fire.

This forces Oliver to tell Thea the side effect of taking a bath in the Lazarus Pit, something he should have said last season. With this news, Laurel and Thea decide to go back to Nanda Parbat to find a way to bring Thea back to the Light Side of the Force. Though, Laurel comes along with an ulterior motive, as she drags the body of her dead sister Sara along for the ride.

Finally, Machin manages to escape custody again, Danforth decides to drop out of the mayoral race, and Oliver decides that Star City deserves to have him as its new mayor.

The Candidate was all about Thea slowing giving into the darkness in her heat while introducing Anarchy to the show. Anarchy is a B level Batman rogue, and I like that they managed to give the man some screen time. The last time I seen Anarchy on television was the now cancelled Beware the Batman animated series. I hope we get to see him often in future episodes.

As for Thea’s venture into the Dark Side of the Force, I like it. They might be doing in too quickly, but I can forgive them with how short television seasons are. We will get more info in the next episode when they give us the Restoration of Sara Lance.

Overall, a fine episode of Arrow. They could have done more for the HIVE plot, but we can’t have everyone. In the meantime, we have the next episode to watch. As I’m posting this a week late, Restoration has already aired, so expect my review for it later this weekend. In the meantime, check out my review of the Arrow Season 4 opener while you post your own reviews of The Candidate in the comments below.

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