Arrow S4 E1 Green Arrow


When a city needs heroes, heroes rise to answer the call. When one of these heroes goes down, another will fill the void. This is true if these heroes are the same person. Last time, the Arrow died in a blaze of glory. Today, the Green Arrow rise to take his place on the Arrow Season 4 opener.

Diggle, Thea, and Laurel continue the fight in Starling City, now called Star City in Ray Palmer’s honor. The City is dealing with some “Ghosts”, and Damien Darhk makes house calls to show everyone he’s the boss. In the meantime, Oliver and Felicity live the high life while considering whether to go on with their marriage.

When city officials refuse Darhk’s demands the Ghosts go on a killing spree laying waste any city official they come across, including the mayor, except for Lance who gets away. This prompts Team Arrow to call Oliver and Felicity back to town, who successfully track down the Ghosts to their leader. Before Oliver could make the final blow, Darhk uses his magic to activate a few trap cards. This forces Team Arrow to rethink their strategy, and then eventually stop the plot to kill hundreds at a train station. This is when Oliver takes the name Green Arrow and broadcasts his return to Star City as a beacon of hope for the citizens. However, we then learn that Lance is working with HIVE all along.

What an opener. I say Flash was better, but this episode does the trick for Arrow. The story picks up where Season 3 left off, and kept running. Darhk is a great final boss, and I’m very interested in how Team Arrow will defeat him. He’s a major user, not a normal or meta-human like the villains we had so far. This is going to take Arrow to a brand new direction. It is so new that Oliver takes on his true comic book name, Green Arrow. My only issue is Detective Lance working with the enemy. That never ends well, and I expect bad things for him in the future. He may as well be the one buried in that final flash forward scene. Only time will tell, I guess. Let’s see where the Arrow writers take us. For now, you can post your own reviews in the comments below while you let the dark side in per the theme of this new season of Arrow.

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