Gotham Season 2 Episode 1 Damned If You Do


They say you are Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. The phrase perfectly explains no-win scenarios, and the City of Gotham is one of these nightmares. No matter what Jim Gordon does, the city will continue its dark spiral into the abyss. The only thing Gordon can do is keep himself falling into the same traps in the Season 2 opener of Gotham.

Season 2 begins with Commissioner Loeb firing Gordon for allowing Carmine Falcone to escape in the Season 1 finale. Bullock had already resigned from the forces before the season began, and now it looks like Gordon will have to follow him. This is a bummer because Gordon needs to be in the Force in order to clean up Gotham’s corruption. Thus, Gordon has to seek help from the Penguin, and that is never a good thing.

As for Cobblepot himself, he is the boss, the big cheese, lord of Gotham, the ruler of organized crime in the city. Cobblepot aggress to help Gordon, for a price, and makes Loeb resign while reinstating Gordon to the GCPD.

In the B plots, Barbara enjoys her stay in jail while collecting some goons of her own, before she and a friends find themselves out of prison and in the lair of the Galavans and friends. After a long talk, the band of criminals decide to join forces to rule Gotham forever. Meanwhile, Bruce and Alfred blow themselves into the Bat Cave. In the cave, a message from Bruce’s father dictates that the young hero choose happiness over the truth unless he feels a true calling.

While I enjoyed Season 1, I have to admit that it took a long time to get good enough to develop into something worth watching. It was plague with the pitfalls of world building for a story no one really knew they wanted: A Batman origin story that doesn’t show Bruce in the cape. It made us sit through characters no one heard of before, characters made exclusively for the show, and expect us to develop feelings for these characters. In the end, Season 1 did its job. The Season 2 opener took the story Season 1 left it and never looked back.

Don’t get me wrong, Damned If You Do was a complete mess at times. It jumped around more than it should, but it kept to a theme. Each and every subplot forwarded the central narrative, and that’s the least an episode should do. Season openers exist to set the season’s plot in motion, and Episode 1 did just that. I’m ready for Episode 2, when the villains take over Gotham. Until then, never answer the door to someone saying “Knock, Knock“.

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