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Are you Fast Enough? Do you have the speed to defeat you enemies? Time waits for no one. Do you have the drive to set things right? Do you have the wisdom to do what you need to do like Barry has to in the first season finale of The Flash?

Ah the finale. The one episode where the writers have to end their previous stories while setting up their next offering. The best leave you wanting more. The worse just make you glad it’s over. Fortunately, Fast Enough belongs in the former.

We begin with a conversation between Barry and Eobard about the future and why Eobard came back in time. Eobard proposes away way for Eobard to go back home while Barry to have his mother back. Given Eobard’s past with the team, Team Flash don’t know how Barry should handle the proposal, and spend the entire episode thinking it over. Barry could end up messing the timeline so much that he could end up destroying the world in the process. Eventually, Barry and friends decide to go with and begin their preparations. Barry will use his speed and the particle accelerator to race back to the very moment his mother died 15 years ago.

Barry successfully does it. He goes back in time just as his future-self battles Eobard in his old living room. A scene we seen a thousand times, but this time is different. Future Barry recognizes Barry and tells him to wait and not save his mother. He reassures his mother that he and his father make it out alive and well before she dies.

This leads us the final act. Barry returns, stopping Eobard’s trip home in the process. Eobard tries to kill Barry for it, but Eddie kills himself, erasing Eobard from history. While everyone mourns Eddie’s death, the wormhole reactivates into a black hole devouring Central City. Barry speeds into it to stop it, while the credits roll.

What a finale. And what a season. The Flash surpassed all my expectations. It was fun, entertaining, and geeky. It had low points, but even those moments were enjoyable. This does not mean the season was perfect. The Flash just had the problem of too many characters. So, it left some of them out of the development process, such as Iris. But, the production crew as a whole other season to fix those errors.

So, let’s celebrate DC’s second television drama in their modern television universe. The Flash does not have the atmosphere Arrow brings to the table, but then again it never needed it. The Flash was a comic book playing out on screen, and it did it without becoming cheesy. I can’t wait for Season 2.

I expect Season 2 will start sometime in October. Until then, feel free to post your own Season 1 reviews in the comments below while you read my other Flash reviews. I had a great time writing these reviews for you, and I hope you enjoyed reading them.

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