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The Flash

Thank you for flying Rogue Air. Pay no attention to the people on the left. They are known to kill anyone that looks at them funny. Just stay calm and remember that your seat doubles as a safety vest should you need it. Thank you again for flying Rogue Air with The Flash in Episode 22.

The final boss fight is just around the corner, but we have to remove the kids and rogues from the set first.

Episode 22 begins with Cisco discovering some of Eobard’s future tech and his hideout at STAR Labs. It wasn’t that hard to find the place, especially when the particle accelerator starting revving up. Eobard escapes, but not before releasing a few of the rogues to buy himself more time.

Team Flash eventually frees Eddie though, but his time with Eobard messed him up big time. He no longer trusts Iris, and quickly breaks off their relationship.

Back at STAR Labs, the team decides to relocate all the meta-humans imprisoned in the accelerator to the ARGUS prison on Lian Yu. Barry gets Leonard Snart’s help keep the city safe during the transport (in exchange to erasing the Snart family criminal records and history.

The truce doesn’t last very long as Snart sabotages the transport to free the rogues and his upcoming spin off series.

The incident leaves us with the final act of the season: Team Flash, FIRESTORM, and the Arrow versus Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash. With the accelerator fully charged, Eobard is ready to start eh next phase of his plan, but no before Team Flash and company stop him to end the episode.

I don’t know what to say about Rogue Air. The episode serves as the transition into the finale, but otherwise, it was nothing special. Transporting the rogues of Central City felt more like a plot device than something Team Flash needed to do.

Still, The Flash was fun all the way through, and the finale looks like it won’t change that. The rogue transport seems forced, but it fulfilled its purpose. At least, we have Season 2 to answer anything the finale next week doesn’t reveal.

Until next week, when we learn if Barry is Fast Enough to defeat Eobard, post your own reviews of Rogue Air in the comments below while you read my other Flash reviews.


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