The Flash 21 Grodd Lives

The Flash

There is a monster that lives in the sewers of Central City. All who venture down there is never seen or heard from again. Whatever is down there, it is growing. It’s becoming smarter. Soon, the world will know that Grodd Lives in Episode 21 of The Flash.

That’s right. Everyone’s favorite 8,000-pound, mind controlling, rogue gorilla makes his presence known in this episode, and the world can’t help but rejoice.

But, before we get to Grodd, the episode has to lead us to him. So, Team Flash scours the city for Eddie, but end up stopping a gold reserve robbery. After two robbery attempts and a few bouts of psychological attacks, they eventually capture the thief who turns out to be General Eiling under mind control. This is when Grodd introduces himself as the gorilla behind it all.

With Iris and Catlin manning the coms back at base, Barry, Joe, and Cisco venture into the sewers to hunt down the gorilla only to be hunted themselves. Barry and Cisco manage to escape but not until Grodd takes Joe. After regrouping with more tech, Barry goes back in and finally defeats Grodd, with some emotional support from Iris. Barry wins and tossing the gorilla in front of a train to save Joe and to end the episode.

Elsewhere, Wells completes a device that will allow him to return to his time.

Another fan service episode, but I will let this one pass. Seeing the giant CGI gorilla made the whole episode worth it. Along with Cisco’s movie quotes, Grodd Lives was a blast. Since Grodd was never meant to be in the show, I also love how the production crew took feedback from the fans to add him in after all. As long as they don’t blot it and keep things interesting, I would love to see more Gordd in the future.

But for now, Team Flash has to deal with Eobard. He still has Eddie tied up, and the man in yellow still wants Barry dead. There are two more episode to go, and everything looks fantastic. Looks like we will get some Flarrow action as well. It’s a great time to be a nerd!

In the meantime, feel free to post your own review of Grodd Lives in the comments below while reading my other Flash reviews.

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