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The Flash

When everything goes your way, you must be wary of The Trap. Things never go perfect. There will always be something to mess up your plans. If you don’t expect these things, you will end imprisoned by your enemies such as The Flash in Episode 20. 

It all begins now. Last time, Team Flash discovered Well’s secret room. This time they learn about future battles with the Reverse Flash, the Barry-Iris marriage, several other pieces of spoiler, the Gideon computer (which Barry somehow created).

With their spoilers in hand, they spend the rest of the episode looking for ways to trap Wells and get him to confess to killing Barry’s mother. To do it, they discover they have to reenact a previous scene that took place in the original timeline. Cisco has to confront Well in the speedster containment room, and say the lines he says in his dream / the other universe, the one where Cisco dies at the hands of Wells.

For The Trap, Catlin will record and monitor the conversation from a safe location. Barry and Joe will hide so they can save Cisco just in time, and Cisco will have to cheat death once again.

It seemed to be the perfect plan until it failed miserably. Wells used Bates as a decoy, leading us to the final arc of the season.

Wells calls them to reveal his own trap cards. He was watching Team Flash from the beginning. He knows everything they were planning and then some. Everything happened according to his plans. That is the mark of a great villain. I like where they are taking the season and these characters.

Wells, or should I say Eobard now, ends the episode kidnapping Eddie, to whom he reveals his true identity as Eobard, Eddie’s future relative.

Now Team Flash has to stop Eobard and free Eddie. We also have to find out why the Thawnes hate the Allens. All should be revealed in the last three episodes, but first Team Flash has to deal with Grodd. I will post my review of Grodd Lives as soon as I can after the episode airs. In the meantime, feel free to post your reviews of The Trap in the comments below while reading my review of The Flash Episode 19 and discover Who is Harrison Wells.


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