Gotham 22 All Happy Families Are Alike


Take cover! The mob war has begun and all of Gotham is caught in the crossfire. Will our heroes save the day or will the city go down in fire. All we know is that All Happy Families Are Alike, and our heroes have their hands full in the Season 1 finale.

Last time, Oswald Cobblepot ignited a mob ware before Falcone and Maroni. Now, Gordon and the GPD has to deal with it.

After two weeks of bloodshed, Maroni is on the verge of winning the war. Some of his men got a lucky shot and gunned down Falcone. The mob boss is now laying in a hospital waiting for Maroni to finish it when the Penguin shows up, revealing his plans. Before Cobblepot and Butch pull the finishing blow, Gordon jumps in to stop them.

With some Bullock help, the men flee Maroni to safe house, only to fall into a Fish Mooney trap. After making a deal with Maroni, Fish kills the mob boss over a disagreement causing a fight between the two gangs. Our heroes break free, but Selena captured them for Fish only for Cobblepot to come in and wreck house. Falcone and cops get away while Oswald eliminates Fish, leaving him as the king of Gotham.

During the whole ordeal, Barbara goes Harley Quin crazy, Nygma goes Riddler over Kristen Kryngle, and Bruce finds the Bat Cave. Barbara even tries to kill Leslie just as Gordon, Bullock, and Falcone arrive.

Overall, Episode 22 was a fantastic season finale. We had twists, turns, and new winners in every scene. It also made it clear that the television drama was its own story, completely rewriting several classic Batman stories in a single 30-minute period. I can’t wait for Season 2. I’m hooked.

As Falcone leaves Gotham in Gordon’s capable hands, we say good bye to Season 1 on a cliffhanger. Hopefully, Season 2 will come sooner rather than later so we can join Bruce on a little spelunking expedition.

Until then, feel free to post your reviews for Gotham Season 1 in the comments below while rereading all my other Gotham reviews.


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